Getting rid of emaciated thinking


Ghazala Anbreen

Life may kick you but accepting defeat is your choice. Never think that you are unable to do anything in your life. If you work hard and get determined about it then you are more likely to achieve it. Some moments are defining moments and it is very much possible that you are able to achieve the target you have set for yourself. Always remember you don’t have to be among 99 percent people, you have to be among 1 percent who emerge as winners. Always remember bigger the failure is bigger will be the quantum of success. So never give up trying. Try to accept the challenges and never yield in front of problems.

The world remembers people who in their lifetime served the cause of humanity. Try to help the poor and remember that you have to learn to smile often. Its impact on others will speak out volumes and whisper aloud in your ears for longer times.

There is a message hidden in every person’s attitude, if you pay heed to it timely you may save yourself from lot many troubles and losses in life. If somebody gives you respect, try to reciprocate in the same vein. It literally costs nothing to be polite but the effects it leaves on others are often everlasting. Never expect from others. Count on none as nobody will do anything for you but it is your very own self who will be loyal to you in difficult times.

          Build and share energy with positive thoughts and positive minded people. Avoid negative thinkers. Observe your feelings. You will come to know these feelings and emotions are a mix of different sorts like comparison, hatred, greed and anger. All of these can very easily be substituted by kindness, forgiveness, mutual respect and care for others.

Positive thinking does not mean that if you want to get something then you will for sure be getting at it. Life is very insubstantial. You don’t know what is going to happen in the next moment. Neither should you try to know. We must think positively. Never have morbid pre conceived notions about certain occurrence or personality. In this way your sub conscious mind will feed the negative things and this will lead you towards failure and resultantly you will never be able to reach your target. Just say to yourself whatever will happen will happen, I have to give my best shot.

Do not waste time in changing others, Instead focus on yourself. In the material world of today where unfortunately it is very hard to trust fellow human beings, it is essential that we purify our thinking process and get rid of atrophied thoughts. A person who can purge his thinking abilities can become successful. Thinking outside the box is important for adding a colour to the blank canvass of life.

Be patient. Power and choice is in your hands. Be grateful for everything to God and learn to live happy, counting on His blessings. If you are able to see, hear and walk, not everybody is that blessed. Focus on your action and choices. Be kind and cooperative towards others.

Don’t take stress. Put your soul in your work. Often people live their lives in either past or future and do not cherish the present moment. No matter whatever you do, whichever kind of work you do, which cause you are working for, great or small, worship your work. Employ all your energies in that. I believe the positive vibes encircling your whole aura during the process of exerting and burning the midnight oil and the satisfaction drawn from this productivity itself is a reward. The success is just another add on. Enjoy this bliss during your hard work.

According to a research it came to be known that every cell of human being’s brain is active to do the wonders but not everyone makes an effective use of his brain to the optimal level. Therefore, try to use your brain by engaging in productive tasks and helping others and don’t allow to get it rusted by staying idle or sleeping most of the times. That will eventually lead to increasing the thinking power and will make you achieve your goal.

A person who is very sad in his life, if he tries, can remain calm and in this way can tackle many problems of his life. We try to get into debate, we argue, get into rhetoric but staying composed in different circumstances can save us from many troubles.

When you remain silent, your brain processes the information and you are able to absorb the energy. But when you indulge in unnecessary rhetoric, the energy is drained so it is better to remain unruffled to enhance our energy levels. At present we spend much of our time on screen. We need to make our thinking prowess strong and increase our visualization powers. We need to sharpen our brains.

Adopt healthy attitude in order to succeed in life. You attract the people by what you are. Get ready for new challenges and don’t express your problems in front of others. Otherwise people will not be attracted towards you. Attractive people are leaders and they never get afraid of taking the first steps in life. They have faith in themselves.

You must try to be very clear in your thoughts and be a man of your words. Talk straight and accept the mistake wherever you feel you have done something wrong or committed a mistake. Because if you commit mistakes, people will accept you as no one is perfect. Have a high level of self-respect. Never try to get into arguments with any one. Never show that you need any person to comfort you during stress. Instead, adopt an attitude to make people realize that if somebody is not behaving nicely you will avoid him and be insouciant towards him.

Try not to be a narcissist. People get impressed by your character not from your talks. All the future plans should not be divulged in the public. Work in silence. Talk only where it is needed. Staying silent will make you peaceful. You need to connect with your pure and true self and be in total sync and harmony with it. You need to think about yourself.

Try to learn to say no. Always prioritize yours task. Never give impression to people that you are a free person who has always a lot of time for everybody. Try to adopt a balanced approach. If somebody’s physical health is not okay then he may stop trying and we will not be impressed and attracted by such a person. The people get attracted with a person who tries to rise up after every fall.

Minimization is another technique which is used in Japan. It involves employing minimum resource to give the maximum output. This will make you focused and give a due time to your cause. All this is associated with the power of subconscious mind.

It does not matter whether you wear an expensive dress or a cheap one, it gets beautiful when your character is good so work on making your behavior polished. That way you will look beautiful in every dress.

Remember disappointment is the biggest enemy of human being. Take care of little things, it will lead you to achieve bigger goals in life. Teach respect and manners. That is what we see in case of imparting of early education in Japan. The teachers there promote the culture of respect in schools from the beginning and foundation level. Here you will witness a discipline in all the related things. The large green signs along the roadside indicate displaying the character “文”. These alert the drivers about the presence of school zone. The older children accompany the young to school. Hence from the very start the kids are taught how to communicate to both young and the older children. Children are greeted each morning by a head teacher. They are trained as how to live as a group and in concord with other people. Throughout Japan children are in charge of mid-day meals on a routine basis. This is done to encourage a sense of duty and responsibility towards others. They see that everyone is served and then afterwards they themselves eat. Sense of duty and public respect is a feature of Japanese society since many years. They pay extra emphasis on moral education. The head teacher takes on an important role to teach moral education himself. Lessons like avoiding lies and deceit are taught through practical ways evoking human interest using story telling through picture stories. The responses of children are recorded through graphics and not in the form of verbal yes or no. This leads to enhancing the visual skills of kids and the discriminatory abilities also attain a boost .Practical tasks as sowing seeds and taking care of animals within school premises for nurturing feeling of care towards living species is another hall mark. The element of morality and respect towards all the living things is indoctrinated in the young minds from the foundational level.

It is the fear which holds you back from moving ahead in life. Stephen R Covey says that all principles in the world can be broken but not the one made by nature. Try to read the story of top successful people who reached the pinnacle and you will find that they lived life as per the nature’s way and the principles of nature. Never compromise on your principle. The person who has the vision to go alone, one day the world follows his foot prints as the way treaded in such a way is often riddled with countless difficulties and troubles. This is the difference between followers and leaders. The leaders have the vision to stand undaunted in front of coercion.

          The strategy is to take the first step. You have to be decisive and then try to reach at a concrete goal. If we have to check whether we have effective amount of healthy baseline of dopamine level, a simple way is if we wake up in the morning and feel like that we are capable of pursuing our goal, it means we have healthy baseline of dopamine level.

The biggest role for your success is played by your confidence. It plays a vital role whether you are successful or not. It is important for your being decisive about any mater in life. Diffidence will hinder your way to success.  One question which is often asked relates to how to get rid of low confidence. There are various strategies, First, is to set small goals. It is just as you start a business ad initially you invest millions of rupees. Without any experience or knowing about your capabilities starting a business with a massive investment will be highly risky. Achieving small goals increases your confidence and gives you motivation to further flourish in that field. Second, start accepting yourself and have faith in you. It is the ability to come over your feeling of being low or having less virtues, also called as feeling of worthlessness. Everybody is combination of good and bad traits. Accept your shortcomings first and then try to overcome them. If you do not give respect to yourself how can you expect that others will accept you and treat you with respect?

Still other factor is your fitness and your awareness of your skills. The healthier you are, more confident you will feel. Exercise enables you to release endorphins which eventually elevates your mood and raises the chances of success. Eat healthy and consistently do exercise. That will give you a healthy mind and prepare you to attain the goal of remaining fit and healthy.

Negative energy produced by failure forces you not to try again so try to replace this word (failure) with the word mistake which can be rectified. Always remember you have to go on working and you don’t have to stop.

Compassion is the language which even the deaf people can listen and blind can see. In this transient world where time is fleeting at a swift pace, even then some bitter memories people are unable to forget. Sometimes a sincere person is taken as stupid. He knows and understands all but he simply ignores the ill behavior of other people towards him and remains patient in all circumstances. So never try to judge the people. Another important thing is that every individual performs the role of head in certain capacity, at office or at home or in the group of friends, one must be watchful that as a leader he sticks to the principles of justice. It is the necessary prerequisite as no society can progress without justice.

Remember you have to prove yourself as an asset for all those associated with you and not the liability. When the rain stops the umbrella is taken as a burden similarly some people may use you and when you outlive your utility you are simply done away with by them. You have to learn the art of humility in all times, even when you are the winner. Go to a hospital and see the patients who are unable to even stand on their feet. Some even cannot turn their sides. This sight will make you humble and grateful. Or sometimes visit the graves and you will see it as filled with people who once thought they were awfully indispensable. It will serve as another eye opener. Stay humble, stay smiling, and be polite. It costs nothing. But its effects are very much palpable all around.