Iran regrets Pakistan air space violation

Iran attack didn't target Pakistani nationals: FM

Iran regrets Pakistan

air space violation

Wants to mends fences; work for regional peace and stability


ISLAMABAD: The  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran issued a statement regarding the recent incidents on the Pakistan border.

The statement said the Islamic Republic of Iran adheres to the policy of good neighborliness and brotherhood between the two nations and the two governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran and Pakistan. It does not allow enemies to strain the amicable and brotherly relations of Tehran and Islamabad.

‘Iran considers the security of its people and its territorial integrity as a red line and strongly expects the friendly and brotherly government of Pakistan to adhere to its obligations in preventing the establishment of bases and the deployment of armed terrorist groups on its soil’, the statement further said.

The statement further emphasized that Iran differentiates between Pakistan’s friendly and brotherly government and armed terrorists. The Islamic Republic of Iran always adheres to its policy of good neighborliness and does not allow its enemies and terrorist allies to strain these relations, especially when the genocide and crimes of the Zionist regime are the foremost issue affecting the Islamic world.

Meanwhile the Iranian ambassador to Pakistan Reza Amiri in his Tweet said that ‘The two brotherly, friendly & neighborly countries of Iran & Pakistan have always supported each other in different arena & hard times during the history. With common threats & interests, all-out potentialities & opportunities, the bilateral ties don’t tolerate any lag & delay’.