Hindutva and rising extremism in India


Justice ® Ali Nawaz Chowhan

The  Indo-Aryans who came from the north like other invaders settled along river Indus. The word Hindu was coined for them by the Greeks and the Arabs. This word was not derived from the vedas or the upnashads. Or any religion. Hinduism was later crafted  for describing the specific belief.

Nahru in his classic ‘ the discovery of India ‘ advocated Indian nationalism rather than Hindu nationalism. Gandhi however used all the symbols of Hindu society in his personal and collective life and thus brought religion into politics. In the khalafat movement the existence of Hindu    Muslim unity was a

proud reference.

For several hundred years the Muslims ruled in India. But they did not interfere in matters of beliefs. They treated the Hindus well. The best case is of Moguls. Aurangzeb was harsh in matter of governance only.

Despite this harmony for so long Hindus did not mix-up socially with the believers in Islam .  They created a society believing in castes. Muslims or those 6l to Islam were treated untouchables. Alburuni observed so, a long time back. Except for landlord classes and Nawabs Muslims were kept poor and exploited. Muslim poverty was the main issue raised by Allamah Iqbal in his letters to the Quaid. Yes the British too exploited the disharmony. But there were still hope for existence. Nehru accuses the Quaid for leaving the congress because he wanted to keep the non elite out. This is an insinuation. The Quaid became a member of the trade union and worked for human rights ,that is rights of the poor.

The person who laid the foundation of Hinduism was a Gujarati Brahmin Dayan sarasvati. According to him Vedas are the only source of Truth. He negated idolatry and asked for propagation of Sanskrit and Hindi. He launched the movement called Arya Samaj .

Hate speeches started by Yogi Adityanath in 2015 before becoming chief minister of UP. He started politics of extremism against minorities and promoted the ranks of Goraknath mutt. The irony is that the place for their temple was-granted by Nawab Asaf ud din Daula . Initially this was a non political unorthodox movement turned extremism Digvijay Nath transformed himself.

The glaring examples of the extremists’ inter-alia were taking over of the Bahri majid, Gujrat killings when Modi was the chief minister. The burning of Christians alive, the atrocities  being perpetrated on the helpless Kashmiris  and the Genocide. This is a disputed territory. And the recent wave of violence ethnic cleaning encourage by the government is a smear on the biggest democracy. Who is allowing Genocide of its own people and delivering hate speeches.

The freedom of religion USA in its recent report has condemned India’s atrocities again the Muslims. The Muslim nations owe a duty under the UN charter of human rights to raise this issue and pressurize India to stop the madness.

The rationale for the creation of our homeland has proved correct time and again. Thanks to the founding father.

Justice R Alinawaz chowhan

Formerchair national commission for Human rights pakistan

Chief Justice of The Gambia

Intl judge of the UN at The Hague

Co-chair Unesco judicial board Paris