Pakistan to start manufacturing coronavirus medicine within 8 weeks: Mirza


ISLAMABAD, MAY 15   — Pakistan will begin manufacturing a drug in the next six to eight weeks that has proven to be successful in treating coronavirus patients in the US, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Health Dr Zafar Mirza announced on Friday.

“One of Pakistan’s major pharmaceutical companies, Ferozsons Laboratories, will be given the license to manufacture the drug,” Dr Mirza said while addressing a press conference.

He was flanked by Prime Minister’s Adviser on Commerce and Investment Abdul Razak Dawood  and Ferozsons Laboratories CEO Usman Khalid Waheed.

The license will be given by US-based multinational Gilead Sciences. A drug produced by the company has improved the health of 30% US residents who contracted COVID-19.

Gilead Sciences agreed to give Pakistan a non-exclusive voluntary license after reaching an agreement with the government.

“On May 7, the PM spoke to the company’s leadership via video link and convinced them that we can ensure the drug’s quality production. On May 12, the company agreed to partner with us,” said Dr Zafar.

“It’s a very big day for Pakistan. Gilead has given the license to only four other companies so far.”

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan has been directed to do a fast-track registration of the anti-viral medicine. It will be administered to patients in the form of an injection. The Ferozsons’s CEO assured that the drug will be sold at a minimal price once manufactured.

Dr Mirza said Pakistan plans to export the anti-viral drug to 127 other countries. This will make Pakistan only the third country in the world to manufacture and export this medicine.

He added that a training programme is also being started for around 100,000 frontline health workers. They’ll be taught how to use their protective equipment in the most efficient way to avoid contracting the novel coronavirus.