India, Pakistan embassies to reduce 50% staff over spying charges


ISLAMABAD, JUN 24 (DNA) – A new diplomatic row has emerged between India and Pakistan over espionage and monitoring charges. The Indian Ministry of External Affairs has asked the Pakistani embassy in New Delhi to cut its staff by half and accused the diplomats of spying.

Pakistan categorically rejected and condemned the allegations. The Pakistani Foreign Office summoned the Indian chargé d’affaires and asked him to reduce the size of the Indian High Commission staff by 50% in seven days.

“Pakistani diplomats always function within the parameters of international law and diplomatic norms,” said a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

“India shall reap what it sows,” said Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi while speaking to a private television channel Wednesday. “They made baseless accusations that our diplomats in India are involved in espionage activities and in touch with banned organisations. The way our diplomats are being treated is in violation of the Vienna Convention,” he remarked.

The whole nation is united against India and we know that it is preparing for a false flag operation after its defeat on the Chinese border, he said. India is suffering from economic difficulties and many people have been affected by the global contractions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Their economy is much bigger than ours and it has impacted them more. China even offered to solve their problems through dialogue but they haven’t been listening, the foreign minister said.

The situation in Indian-administered Kashmir is really bad as the military has been deployed in the area for almost 10 months, he said, adding that India is being humiliated at all ends and wants to draw attention away from its failures.

They even tried to hamper the peace process in Afghanistan. “We talk about peace and we are attacked in Waziristan followed by attacks in Karachi.” It is visible to everyone what India has been planned, he added. = DNA