Iranian diplomats in Lahore donate blood


Islamabad,, DNA– The staff of the Iranian Consulate General in Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore on Saturday donated blood to treat thalassaemia patients in the testing times of coronavirus outbreak.

The blood donation is a selfless and humanitarian act which is not confined to geographical boundaries.

The gesture of the Iranian diplomats once again proved the existence of strong bond between the brotherly countries of Iran and Pakistan especially in health sector.

The problems for patients suffering from thalassemia have become manifolds due to the coronavirus crisis as blood banks and hospitals had been facing an extreme shortage of blood.

According to reports every month, some 150,000 bags to 200,000 bags of blood are required in Pakistan, which are mostly used for thalassaemia patients and victims of emergencies.

Currently there are 100,000 patients of thalassemia in Pakistan out of which 23,000 are children.