Japan to send SDF aircraft to Turkey for quake relief



Islamabad, MAR 13: The government of Japan decided a new to dispatch a Self-Defense Forces (SDF) aircraft in response to the damages caused by the earthquake in southeastern Turkey, based on the Law Concerning Dispatch of the Japan Disaster Relief Team.

To be specific, one SDF aircraft is scheduled to depart for Pakistan, as early as 14th, to transport emergency relief supplies, including tents located in Pakistan, to Turkey.

This is the first international emergency relief operation to be carried out in cooperation with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), upon the request from the Government of Turkey, a member of NATO, and NATO, to Japan, its global partner, to cooperate in the transportation of relief supplies by a SDF aircraft.

Japan is determined to continue to provide necessary assistance in cooperation with NATO and international organizations, utilizing its experience and knowledge as an earthquake-prone country.