“Javed Akhter’s PrimeSync” The Future of Standby Power Generators Digital Maintenance is Here

Javed Akhter’s PrimeSync

[“Javed Akhter’s PrimeSync”] Javed Akhter led the initiative to develop PrimeSync for the advancement of industries, telecommunication sites efficiency, sustainability and reduction in electric power generator engines carbon emissions.

Just a few seconds of downtime in the telecommunications world can have cascading effects, disrupting businesses, and frustrating users. Javed Akhter, founder of Prime Power Engineering Pvt Ltd, isn’t letting these disruptions stand. He’s leading the way with a revolutionary approach to predictive maintenance – PrimeSync.

Javed Akhter, Director technical, Prime Power Engineering Pvt Ltd, recognized the urgent need for a more proactive and efficient solution for site maintenance. Leveraging his expertise and unwavering determination, he led the development of PrimeSync – a cutting-edge software that streamlines maintenance processes and minimizes downtime.

Javed Akhter’s PrimeSync

He said: “PrimeSync” came from my personal observation during a site visit for a cellular company where all BTS sites are unattended. Witnessing the excessive smoke emitted by power generator engine exhaust highlighted the pressing environmental issues faced in Lahore, where pollution levels are among the highest globally.

 As a founder I started making efforts to create a software that can help to tackle the city’s environmental challenges head-on, starting with the reduction of carbon emissions from industrial machinery like unattended electric generator’s engines at sites. and helping clients to do predictive maintenance before breakdown or complete machine failure.”

PrimeSync has been deployed for over 180+ acrosssites, saving hundreds of machines from failure and reducing carbon emissions by 200 tonnes. Building on this success, Javed Akhter successfully founded PrimeSync in 2021, a software that is dedicated toperformingpredictive maintenance and work to achieve sustainability.

Javed emphasizes, “While running a profitable tech business is important, we must also prioritize societal and environmental sustainability for the long term. Our goal at Prime Power Engineering Pvt Ltd is to leave a better planet for future generations”.

Aligned with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal for 2030, Prime Power Engineering Pvt Ltd is committed to developing technological solutions that contribute to this global agenda.”

Since its launch, PrimeSync has had a significant impact on the telecommunications industry, empowering over 100,000 users across numerous telecommunication sites. Its deployment has resulted in tangible benefits, with operators and contractors experiencing increased operational efficiency, reduced downtime, and improved environmental performance.

Javed’s vision for PrimeSync originated from his deep understanding of the challenges faced by telecom operators and contractors. Traditional maintenance approaches, he realized, were riddled with inefficiencies. He envisioned a solution that would not only offer unparalleled visibility into telecom sites but also streamline operations across the board.

Over the years, Javed’s expertise in technology and digital design played a vital role in shaping PrimeSync core functionalities. He led the creation and development of the software, emphasizing features like predictive maintenance capabilities and real-time data analysis.

PrimeSync ability to remotely monitor machines and predict equipment failures before they happen has become a game-changer for maintenance practices. The software empowers users to address potential issues proactively, minimizing downtime and optimizing equipment performance.

The heart of PrimeSync lies in its predictive maintenance capabilities. It allows users to schedule maintenance based on real-time equipment needs, not reactive troubleshooting. This proactive approach not only maximizes uptime but also reduces overall maintenance costs and streamlines spare part inventory management.

PrimeSync goes beyond traditional maintenance tools by incorporating features to monitor emissions and track carbon reductions.  It offers a comprehensive platform for reliable data collection and processing, enabling users to visualize the environmental impact of their operations and make data-driven decisions towards sustainability.

Customers consistently praise PrimeSync’s user-friendly interface, advanced analytics capabilities, and ability to deliver actionable insights in real-time. By empowering users to manage maintenance activities proactively and make data-driven decisions, PrimeSync has become an indispensable tool for industry professionals seeking to optimize operations and minimize disruptions.

Javed Akhter’s visionary leadership and the capabilities of PrimeSync have revolutionized the landscape maintenance for the first time in Pakistan. Prime Power Engineering Pvt Ltd is paving the way for a more efficient, sustainable, and resilient telecom industry that prioritizes uptime and environmental responsibility.