Karachi industrialists appeal PM’s intervention to save industries from collapse 


KARACHI: /DNA/ – Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry including the Town Associations, have appealed to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to take notice of the non-supply of gas to the industries, expressing concern that if the supply of gas not ensured as per the demand, the industries will be completely destroyed.

In the SOS appeal, Karachi Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Council of All Pakistan Textile Associations, Pakistan Apparel Forum, North Karachi Association of Trade & Industry, Site Association of Industry, Landhi Association of Trade & Industry and Site Superhighway Association of industry, demanded to Save the industries of Karachi by PM’s immediate intervention before it collapses totally owing to lack of legitimate gas supply in Sindh.

In view of the fears of massive production losses due to reduction in gas supply in Sindh, resulting in significant reduction in government revenue, foreign exchange & exports also. Therefore, the PM should play a vital role in saving the industries from destruction.

“Sindh is already denied RLNG and mere 75 MMCFD is given to SSGC. Karachi, the industrial & textile hub and backbone of the economy which generates 68% revenue for national exchequer, contributes to 54% in national exports & 52% of total textile exports, but still deprived of Gas/ RLNG,” they pointed out.

Industrialists apprehend the government of huge industrial closures, massive lay-offs, also leading to decline in exports, appealing that the gas produced in Sindh province should remain with Sindh and consumed in Sindh. 1250 MMCFD of gas which was allocated to Sindh decades ago has also depleted to 880 MMCFD, industrialists demanded that there should not be any deviation in term of supply.

In SOS appeal, it added that 110 MMCFD gas explored in Ghotki Sindh has been allocated to SNGPL, whereas another exploration by Mari 110 MMCFD has been allocated to SNGPL. Therefore, Ghotki field should be allocated to SSGC, which is situated in Sindh.

Industrialists assured the Prime Minister that if the industry is given charge of distribution (75 MMCFD RLNG, 110 MMCFD from Ghotki & presently 880 MMCFD given to SSGC), we would manage to run Karachi by rationing gas equitably where required, till arrival of winter and for peak winter the industry will also provide a justifiable plan.