Karachi Police arrest four suspects in crackdown on street crime



KARACHI, Apr 25:In a relentless effort to curb street crime, the Karachi Police have made significant strides in apprehending suspects involved in criminal activities.

According to the spokesperson of the Karachi Police, over the last 24 hours, the police force engaged in three separate encounters with criminal elements, resulting in the arrest of four suspects, including two injured robbers.

The encounters occurred in various parts of the city, where law enforcement officers confronted armed criminals.

During the said encounters, illegal weapons, ammunition, and two motorcycles believed to have been used in various criminal incidents were confiscated from the arrested individuals. This seizure marks a significant blow to the criminal networks operating in the city.

The Karachi Police reiterated their commitment to combating crime, restoring law and order, and safeguarding the public. These recent arrests are part of ongoing efforts to eradicate street crime and ensure the safety and security of citizens.