Kishwer Naheed’s latest book “darya ki tashangi” launched by PNCA


ISLAMABAD, (DNA): Kishwer Naheed’s latest book “darya Ki tashangi” has launched today through a Zoom Webinar by PNCA. She has dedicated this book to four women activists, Tahira Abdullah, Fouzia Saeed, Samar Minallah and Fauzia Minallah. Asma Jahangir, an icon of activism was also remembered as today was her 3rd death anniversary.

Kishwer Naheed is a renowned Urdu poet who has received several awards including Sitara-e-Imtiaz for her literary contribution towards Urdu Literature. Her written work, spanning for more than four decades, chronicles her experiences as a woman writer engaged in the creative and civic arenas. 

Among the speakers, Noor ul Huda Shah (a renowned author) spoke about the unique poetic expressions in the book. The poetry arises in depth thought processes and every verse in the book is relatable as it is the voice of the women who want to contribute in their own unique way.  

Shah Muhammad Marri also expressed that Kishwer Naheed is one of the ionic personality to voice the sacrifices of women. Kishwer Naheed is widely acclaimed for her sharp and incisive poetic expression, for being bold and direct, and, for celebrating the universal human struggle for equality, justice and freedom. He also praised the selection of poems in the books.

Tahira Abdullah (a senior woman activist) stated that her poem “hum gunahgar aurtein” has become an anthem for the women universally.

Dr Fouzia Saeed (DG, PNCA) also expressed that this book reflects life, struggle, happiness, sadness, conviction and sensitivities. Samar Minallah and Fauzia Minallah also paid tribute to Kishwer Naheed as a beacon of hope for every girl.