Lahore Arts Council rejects Meera’s request for financial assistance


The Lahore Arts Council rejected on Friday actor Meera’s request for financial assistance. Baaji actor Meera applied for financial assistance of Rs40 million under the Artist Support Fund, which has been launched by the Punjab Information and Cultural Department. She claimed that her financials were in dire straits.

The chairperson of Artist Support Fund MPA Sadia Sohail Rana has said that the fund is for the poor artistes and not for someone who owns an apartment in Dubai.

Rana remarked that in this difficult time Meera should sell her foreign property and should support other artists.

Explaining the criteria for the fund, Rana said that in order to qualify to receive aid from the fund, the artist should have a monthly income of less than Rs 15,000 and be above the age of 50. Whereas, Meera is only 42 years old.

The artistes who ask for financial assistance should also provide a list of their dependents/ family members. Meera, on the other hand, said that she needed the money to pay her domestic helpers.

In the petition, Meera claimed that she suffered a loss of around $100,000 as her foreign shows were cancelled.

Earlier, it was rumoured that the Lahore Arts Council will provide Rs 5,000 to the star till 2026.