Lahore foggy weather: PIA shifts few flight operations to Islamabad


            ISLAMABAD, :The dense fog in Lahore has forced Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) to change the schedule of some of its flights and shift these to Islamabad International Airport (IIAP) for their smooth operations.

“Due to intense fog in Lahore, the PIA has changed the schedule of some flights’ arrival and departure. Now, these flights will operate from Islamabad,” PIA Spokesman Abdullah Hafeez Khan said in a statement late Wednesday night.

After readjustment in the schedule, he said the Lahore-bound PK-9716 from Madinah, would now be landing at the IIAP.

Similarly, the PK-9743 that was earlier scheduled to depart from Lahore to Madinah on Thursday, would now take off from Islamabad on the same day.

The spokesman said PIA flight PK-9712 (Jeddah to Lahore) would now also reach Islamabad on December 16.

Likewise, PK-9739  (Lahore to Madinah) would now depart from Islamabad on December 16, while PK-203  (Lahore to Dubai) would also leave from Islamabad.

The spokesman said the flight PK-234 (Dubai to Lahore) would reach Islamabad instead of Lahore on December 16 (Thursday).