POL prices


ISLAMABAD: The government

slashed the prices of petrol and

high speed diesel by Rs5 per litre

on Wednesday in an effort to pro-

vide relief to the people.

Shortly before the announcement

was made, Special Assistant to the

Prime Minister for Political Com-

munication Dr Shahbaz Gill had

taken to Twitter to say that the

public would soon receive “good

news” about petrol prices.

According to a handout issued by

the Finance Division, the govern-

ment decided to revise existing

prices “in view of the declining

price trend of petroleum products

in global market[s] and [to] trans-

form the impact to the masses”.

The new prices will be effective

from Dec 16 (Thursday).

According to the notification, the

new price of petrol is Rs140.82 per

litre while high speed diesel will sell

for Rs137.62 down from Rs145.82

and Rs142.62, respectively. Mean-

while, the prices of kerosene and

light diesel oil (LDO) were de-

creased by Rs7 and Rs7.01 per litre,

respectively. The new price of kero-

sene is Rs109.53 per litre and that

of LDO is Rs107.06 per