Mayor Islamabad assures to resolve issues of business community


ISLAMABAD, JAN 17 (DNA) – A delegation of Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry led by Vice President Abdul Rehman Khan visited the office of Pir Adil Gilani and congratulated him on his election as Mayor Islamabad. Former Senior Vice President ICCI Khalid Chaudhry, Executive Member Mehboob Ahmed Khan, Irfan Chaudhry and Tahir Mahmood Chaudhry were in the delegation. Abdul Rehman Khan invited the Mayor Islamabad to visit ICCI, which he accepted and promised to visit the Chamber next week.

Addressing the delegation, Pir Adil Gilani Mayor Islamabad said that he was elected for a short period but in this short time he would do his best to solve the problems of the citizens. He said that there were many problems but he will play his role to solve them. He said that the court has given a decision in favor of MCI in the property tax case and legal experts will be consulted in this matter. He said that efforts would also be made to resolve the issues of board tax and trade license of traders. He thanked the ICCI delegation for visiting his office and congratulating him.

Speaking at the occasion, Abdul Rehman Khan, Vice President, Islamabad Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that the business community was playing an important role in the development of the federal capital. He further said that MCI and ICCI have won the property tax case in the High Court which was a victory for the citizens of the federal capital. He appealed to implement the decision of the High Court in the property tax case which would also provide better relief to the business community.

Khalid Chaudhry, former Senior Vice President ICCI, said that trade licenses across Pakistan applied only to the food and beverage businesses but the MCI has applied trade licenses to all types of businesses, which was not justified. He further said that the Mayor Islamabad should play an active role in resolving the key issues of the business community.=DNA