The Fall of Trump..!


Shazia Asif Bhatti

The United States is considered to be the custodian of the great democratic traditions where tolerance, equality and freedom of expression are interpreted as the unique characteristics of the society. This history spans not a few decades, but two hundred years old.In a few years, or even in just four years, this golden history of the United States has not been tarnished by a brazen figure in the highest office but made ashamed of all the Americans who always believe in constitution and democratic norms.

Despite being an unconventional and non-political figure, filthy rich Mr.Trump became a popular leader on the bases of slogans and tall claims, after assuming most power president of the world’s strong country, he starts changing American history. What so ever Trump did during past four years, Trump’s supporters have talked about economic stability and growth, job creation, block to launch a new war, including the withdrawal of troops, including cessation of drone strikes on Pakistan and other Islamic countries, in particular, his followers considered these all a historic achievement.

The matter of fact is that Trump has compunctious the democratic and tolerant society of United States, Hate for immigrants, widening the social divide based on language, religion and race are the worst gifts of the Trump era.  Restrictions on first-time immigrants in a country lionised as Land of Immigrants and the banning of red passports globally are perhaps a disgrace to America’s honour.

Not only did President Trump lose his second term in US’s presidential election during last 32years but listed as 6th president who couldn’t win for 2nd term. He also became the fourth president to refuse to attend the inauguration of a new president in last 150 years. Becoming the first U.S. president to be impeached twice in four years, he has lost his close aids during the fight against impeachment , 10 members of his ruling party vicissitude the approximations of political pundits by supporting the impeachment motion of their president.

Incidents of disrespect for parliament are commonplace in unsustainable democracies especially in Third World countries, but two hundred years after the invasion of the enemy in 1814, this feat came to President Trump, who provoked his armed supporters to attack the prestige of parliament on the most important and historic day in the American democratic tradition (January 6). It is reverential and germane day when the US Congress ratifies the President-elect by verifying the electoral votes obtained by the newly elected President. Interestingly, politicians in many developing countries, including Pakistan and India,  Demonstrations of repression appear in public, but this new tradition has now become an additional chapter in US history, when pro-Trump hocks threatening ,blocking and attacking  elected members of parliament from the opposition party (democrats) including their own party (Republican) members who are antagonistic about their leader’s approach.the actions of trumpians have embarrassed the American people.

One of the extrinsic factor of President Trump’s fall is that he continued to overlook the Corona virus, which kills 4,000 Americans every day. As a result, the United States has become the number one country to die from Corona. What so ever his supporters did, the fact is that he has lost his right to freedom of expression while in office as President of United States. Global social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram have closed his communication accounts, banks have closed down his all transactions, law firms have cancelled contacts, all honors including Freedom Award have been returned, commercial  Contracts have been rescinded.

Political experts say, January 6th was a black day in the history of US, all segments of life condemned and strict actions has been taken to restore the sanctity and sagacity of Capitol Building but the horrific shadows of further escalation continue to hover over the United States, rather than the end of hardline extremist Trump traditions.

Experienced parliamentarians of American politics do not accept the claim that the current political crisis has suddenly arisen, In their view, the flaws of American society and politics wrapped in the guise of democracy were not suddenly exposed but an unconventional and non-political character. In fact, the right-wing extremists in the society were patronised   and adopted a strategy of sowing their thoughts and doctrine in the minds of the people through effective pressure and facist way, powerful elements urged their followers to use the dangerous methods for the imposition of their ideology on the basis of mere force instead of dialogue. Unfortunately, President Trump, who has always been accustomed to escaping the narrow alley by making mistakes during his career as Bussinessman, has stated In 2019 that he has tough people who can behave tough but he is not kindling them yet but if they will move out, It will be very bad, really bad.He finally fulfilled his promise on January 6th, interestingly this time he stands alone except his diehard supporters but political pundits believe that the attack on parliament is grievous violation of presidential oath and it seems impossible for a person who never believes in democracy, never respect political system but as Bussinesman he remained on escape with the power of money and his cunningness for his mistakes.

Meaningful twist accrued during current  internal political and security crises, the powerful American establishment has made the extraordinary decision to stand behind the newly elected president instead of the one in power, in the name of the supremacy of democracy and the peaceful transition of power. In result military has taken over the capital for the peaceful oath taking ceremony of the president elect on January 20. Military is making sure to save the country from right wing extremist and armed racist groups. According to some media reports, many thousands(approximately 20,000 to 30,000) armed security and intelligence personnel troops have been deployed around capitol building (US Parliament)this strength of troops is far more then sent to fight Iraq and Afghan wars .

Analysts say the American people have high expectations of President-elect Joe Biden, a key figure in American politics for four decades, and are determined to do more, the seeds of hatred sown during the Trump era.  At the same time ,It may not be possible to uproot them anytime soon. Restoring America’s lost credibility as a powerful global leader is a daunting task, they predict. In their opinion,as a strong believer of democracy The American nation should have to stand up on their own to heal the deep scars of the bright face of America,they must show up resilience especially for the revival of prosperous democratic, political spectrum along with stability and tolerance in the society.Otherwise,Escalation of Trump’s ideology can engulf the whole society and turn America into the worst extremist country along with the economic challenges.