MoFE&PT launches character education & life skills strategy from grade 1-5

ISLAMABAD, Jun 06 (APP):The Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training (MoFE&PT) is proud to announce a revolutionary approach to education, focusing on character education and life skills development for students in junior classes (Grade 1–5). 

According to an official of MoFE&PT, “This innovative strategy aims to reduce academic pressure and engage young minds in activities that foster essential values and skills.”

“Starting immediately, with a phased implementation plan, this initiative will reach all government schools after summer vacations, the official added. 

“Our goal is to expose impressionable young minds to global best practices, instilling values like honesty, integrity, cleanliness, respect for the rule of law, care and compassion, tolerance, love, and empathy for one another,” the official of MoFE&PT said. 

“By adopting an incremental approach, we ensure a seamless integration of this strategy, paving the way for a brighter, more compassionate future,” the official further said.

The Education Ministry urged all stakeholders to join in this transformative journey and nurture the next generation of responsible, informed, and empathetic citizens.