Pakistani engineers participate in Huaneng Craftsman Cup 2024


ISLAMABAD, Jun 06 (APP):Two professionals working at Sahiwal Power Plant have participated in the prestigious “Huaneng Craftsman Cup 2024” event held in China that records another milestone of success for Pakistani engineers.

According to the details, Fahad Ahmed and Sohail Abbas, from the 2x660MW Sahiwal Power Plant were invited by the Huaneng Group Co. Ltd as it was the first time that international contestants were invited to participate, said a press release.

It was told by the management that the presence of Fahad and Sohail at this event drew considerable attention to Sahiwal Power Plant, highlighting the participants’ technical prowess and earning admiration from all attendees. Their participation is a testament to the decade-long collaboration between China and Pakistan, which has paved the way for Pakistani engineers to compete alongside their Chinese counterparts.

This achievement underscores the technical abilities of Pakistani engineers and strengthens the bonds of friendship and cooperation between the two nations. By promoting and enhancing the skills of its engineers, Huaneng Shandong Ruyi (Pakistan) Energy (Private) Limited (HSRE), the owner of Sahiwal Power Plant, is paving the way for a brighter future.
This initiative not only promotes localization management but also exemplifies the fruitful collaboration between China and Pakistan, fostering a spirit of mutual growth and development.

The details also included that the latest batch of students from Huaneng Pakistan Vocational & Technical College successfully completed their vocational training programs. These programs have equipped local youth with practical employment skills in areas such as computer applications, electrical technician skills, and welding.

“I am very happy to have had the opportunity to participate in the training course at Sahiwal Power Plant. Not only have I learned valuable skills, but I have also formed friendships with like-minded people and broadened my horizons,” said Aqil, a recent graduate of the program.

The completion of Sahiwal Power Plant in 2017 has significantly promoted Pakistan’s economy.
Since the project’s inception, the company have been dedicated to nurturing Pakistani employees by emphasizing localization. Nearly 200 Pakistani employees have undergone professional technical training programs in China. Through various training initiatives such as ‘Weekend Lecture,’ ‘Master Lead Apprentices,’ ‘Simulator Training,’ ‘Training on Post,’ and the ‘Craftsman Cup Competition,’ Pakistani employees are systematically developed.

This effort aims to transfer technical knowledge gradually, fostering their rapid development and growth. Consequently, a team of high-tech talents with an international perspective and expertise in power plant management has been cultivated for Pakistan.