Naval chief’s message on World Environment Day


ISLAMABAD (DNA) -World Environment Day is celebrated internationally to raise awareness about protection of earth’s natural systems, galvanize support to focus on threats that the environment faces and consider ways that can help mitigate these threats.

This year’s slogan adopted for the World Environment Day is Biodiversity; the foundation that supports all life on land and below water. It affects every aspect of human health; provides clean air and water, nutritious foods, natural disease resistance and climate change mitigation. Human actions, including deforestation, encroachment on wildlife habitats, intensified agriculture and acceleration of climate change is pushing nature beyond its limits. If we continue on this path, biodiversity loss will have severe implications for humanity, including the collapse of food and health systems

Pakistan Navy celebrates World Environment Day to highlight the significance of environment in Pakistan and to promote awareness amongst personnel in proactively pursuing measures focusing on the marine environment. PN has already initiated numerous measures and actions ranging from collection of solid waste from harbour, establishment of Reedbed plants in all areas under its jurisdiction besides extensive tree plantation campaign. PN also continues to sensitize concerned Government and non-Government organizations and departments to initiate effective measures against marine pollution. While awareness is deemed a vital factor, a number of activities have been planned by Field Commands and PN Units to promote awareness and inculcate a sense of responsibility amongst all to save and preserve our environment. I expect all under Command to initiate dedicated efforts to make these activities worthwhile and successful

On this day, let us reaffirm our commitment to make every effort for betterment of our environment, especially the marine environment. Our conduct in professional and private lives shall be in line with the best practices and principles of protection, preservation and conservation of environment. Let everyone be assured that PN will continue to achieve its mission with rightful regard for the environment.