New parliament will stimulate reforms in country: Telman Tahirli


BAKU, FEB 01 — We hope that the new parliament would stimulate reforms in the country. It is also important that the majority of the candidates are young people. I believe that the newly elected youth would work with modern ideas in the parliament, chairman of the National-Cultural Autonomy of Azerbaijanis in Derbend Telman Tahirli told.

He also expressed his confidence that the new parliament would make important decisions covering various areas of the country’s life. “Thus, the new parliament will contribute to the reforms implemented in the country, further development of Azerbaijan and improvement of living standards of population”, he said.

Noting the active involvement of women candidates in the election process, Tahirli considers that female parliamentarians are more active in addressing social issues, including family and child affairs. In this regard, it is desirable that the new parliament would also have more female deputies.