Nigerian envoy gives an emotional send off to citizens


50 Nigerians who were stranded in Pakistan amid corona pandemic, were evacuated through a chartered aircraft


ISLAMABAD: As many as 50 Nigerians who were stranded in Pakistan amid corona pandemic, were evacuated through a chartered aircraft.  The departure turned into an emotional farewell.

 The Nigeria High Commissioner to Pakistan, Maj Gen (Rtd) Ashimiyu Olaniyi Oon addressed his departing country fellows in an emotional way.

He reminded them that coronacirus was a disease that was ravaging all nations across the world. All countries with no exception have adopted measures to combat this pandemic, including lockdowns which affected economies of various countries in the world including the airline operations, hence your inability to have returned to Nigeria at the end of your business activities in Pakistan.

 He said that today you are boarding a chartered Aircraft operated by TARCO Aviation which will take you to Abuja.

‘I am aware of the challenges you must have experienced in the last 3 months as this pandemic caught everybody unprepared. He commended the patience and adoptivity of Nigerians during this tough period of time here in Pakistan’.

He also appreciated the Government and “good people” of Pakistan for their love, compassion and generosity towards the Nigerians and their military officers who were on training at various Pakistani military institutions.

He acknowledged and thanked the efforts of Pakistan Foreign Office for accommodating the movement of Nigeria nationals from Lahore, Quetta and Karachi to Islamabad through special PAF flight arrangements.

He further appreciated the Pakistan Air Force leadership for making available the aircraft that airlifted the Nigerian military officers from their places of training, and the Punjab Government for arranging the vehicles that conveyed stranded Nigerians from Lahore to Islamabad Airport.  He said that all this love shown by Pakistani government organizations are clear indications of strong bilateral relations between our brotherly countries. He offered special prayers for Pakistan and its People.

He further asked his departing country fellows to fully adopt and follow the Covid-19 prevention protocol which includes wearing of face masks, hand sanitizing, keeping safe distance wearing of hand gloves. He concluded his address by wishing them a safe flight home. The High Commissioner concluded his address by saying Pakistan – Nigeria friendship Zindabad.

A total of 50 Nigerians and one Pakistani boarded the chartered aircraft operated by TARCO AVIATION Co Ltd which took off from the Islamabad International Airport at about 1605 hrs.

The High Commissioner Ambassador Maj Gen (Rtd) Ashimiyu Adebayo Olaniyi and staff of the High Commission including the Defence Advisor, Consular officer were at the departure hall to see off the evacuating Nigerians.