No justification to keep Khan, Qureshi in jail after SC ruling in cipher case: PTI


Demands immediate release of PTI Founding Chairman, Vice Chairman

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson lauded the Supreme Court three-member bench verdict approving the bails of PTI Founding Chairman Imran Khan and Vice Chairman Shah Mehmood Qureshi in the Cipher case, saying the judgement exposed the reality of the cipher before the nation and hence there was no justification to keep them in prison anymore.

Reacting to the top court’s decision, PTI spokesperson expressed gratitude and satisfaction on behalf of PTI and added that with the approval of the bails of Khan and Qureshi in the false, fabricated and bogus politically motivated case like cipher based on malice, hatred and antagonism met to its tragic death.

PTI spokesperson contended that the state did not have any constitutional or legal justification to keep Imran Khan or Qureshi in prison any longer.

He pointed out that the Cipher case and the actions taken based on the bogus and frivolous case spoke volume about the sick and corrupt structure of justice system.

PTI Spokesperson stated that the sole purpose of this fabricated and baseless case was to force the PTI Founding Chairman to compromise on the principles and withdraw from the just movement for the supremacy of constitution and upholding rule of law in the country.

He went on to say that in reality no ambiguity was left in the mind of the nation pertaining to the contents of the cipher and its role in the country’s politics.

PTI spokesperson emphasised that the ongoing illegal crackdown on PTI candidates across the country when the polls scheduled was announced was shameful and despicable attempts to oust PTI from the elections through state coercion, which was clearly validating and putting a stamp on the position of PTI Founding chairman on Cipher.

He lamented that unfortunately, the Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court provided judicial support for the execution of the nefarious plan to deprive the PTI leaders, especially Imran Khan, of the fundamental, legal and constitutional rights through open injustice.

PTI spokesperson contended that over 180 other cases framed against Imran Khan were also a collection of lies and myths, hence taking into account the sensitivity of the issue, the top court should seek records of all these false, fabricated cases against PTI Founding Chairman, besides giving him the legal right to bail and stopping the shameful political revenge in the country through the justice system.

He demanded that PTI Founding and Vice-Chairman should be released immediately and prevented from being arrested in any other bogus and false case.