Pak-Afghan Chaman Border implements one document regime for seamless travel

Pak-Afghan Chaman border

Chaman: In a significant stride towards fostering streamlined international travel, the Pak-Afghan Chaman border is now embracing the One Document Regime, enhancing facilities and accessibility for the residents of Chaman district.

The implementation of this regime is marked by a series of transformative steps aimed at simplifying the passport application and issuance process.

The Passport Office in Chaman, which once occupied a solitary room, has undergone a remarkable expansion. From its humble beginnings, the office now boasts ten counters, a testament to the government’s commitment to enhancing services. Of these, two counters have been exclusively designated for women, fostering inclusivity and convenience.

Efficient passport processing in Zonal passport

Over the past month, approximately 800 passports collected in Chaman have been successfully processed and issued at the Zonal Passport Office Chaman. This represents a significant accomplishment, demonstrating the effectiveness of the revamped passport system in catering to the needs of the local population.

In addition to the enhancements in Chaman, a brand-new passport office has been erected in Qila Abdullah, featuring five counters. This strategic move aims to extend the convenience of passport services to a wider geographic area, attracting residents from Qila Abdullah, Chaman, and surrounding regions.

Community applauds govt initiatives

Residents of Chaman, who recently visited the Regional Passport Office, expressed their appreciation for the government’s proactive measures. One resident, echoing the sentiments of many, conveyed gratitude for the facilitated passport-making process, stating, “We are happy with the Government of Pakistan that it is now easy to get a passport at Passport Office Chaman.”

Acknowledging the importance of inclusivity, separate counters for men and women have been established in the Passport Office Chaman. Residents have lauded this move, highlighting the convenience it brings to the application process. “Separate counters for men and women have been constructed in Passport Office Chaman, which has given us a lot of convenience,” remarked another resident.

The implementation of the One Document Regime is not merely a procedural change; it is a strategic move to make border crossings legal and enhance the monitoring of illegal activities. This comprehensive documentation system is expected to contribute significantly to border security and regulatory compliance.