ISLAMABAD, /DNA/ – FPCCI and OIC Permanent Representative Rizwan Saeed Shaikh focused on 57 Islamic countries trade relations to be strong.Meeting between OIC Delegate and FPCCI office bearers focused to stand together to resolve business community problems, and to be beneficiary of the said events.Business relationship is very important factor and the private sector has the capacity to for binding these relations.Priority has to be our National interest, when bilateral trade between OCI countries will    be strong, brotherly relationship will be automatically strong, Haji Qurban Ali FPCCI.OIC to utilize FPCCI for the above said events instead of focusing on TDAP as service provider,Mirza Abdul Rehman FPCCI.

ISLAMABAD (PR):  OIC Pakistan desk is keen to organize food festivals, trade fares, and other business events.  Permanente Representative and Ambassador in Pakistan on OIC Mr. Rizwan Saeed Sheikh said in statement here in FPCCI. He said that now it is the era of  technology and the world is now a global village. Let’s work together to bring Pakistan products in OIC market and to focus on strengthen bilateral trade relations between OIC Countries. OIC & FPCCI mutually agreed to work on it. OIC Ambassador Mr. Rizwan Saeed Sheikh meet with Business Community delegates in meeting here in FFPCI Islamabad office. Pakistan has potential for enhancement of trade and to work for export sector in near future. OIC Ambassador visit FPCCI Islamabad Office Yesterday and had meeting with leading Business Community of Pakistan there, FPCCI Capital Office Head Haji Qurban Ali, and Coordinator FPCCI Mirza Abdul Rehman host the meeting held the said meeting. Former Vice President FPCCI Sajjad Sarwar, President Maind Bahaud Deen CCI S M Haider Raa Naqvi , Vice President Muhammad Zahid Patiala, Chairman FPCCI standing committee Mr. Abid Khan were also present in the meeting.  Pakistan has to utilize the opportunities and facilities available on the platform of OIC, and has to focus on problems face by Pakistan while communicating OIC 57 Islamic countries. We are always available to resolve the problems highlight from Pakistan side faced by Business community while communicating OIC countries. Pakistan is basically agricultural country, and has to be rich contribution of Halal food industry, but unfortunately have no share we have in it. Iran, Malaysia, Arab emirates, Oman and others are very keenly and positively using OIC platform . Whereas Pakistan is concerned, we need to active and use our energies for interaction with OIC countries, as until and unless we have trade enhancement our brotherly relationships will not be that much strong as it has to be, OIC Representative added here.  Mr. Rizwan Saeed Sheikh said, Food Festival in Lahore, Trade Fair in Karachi, and Trade Ambassadors meeting in Islamabad is in our plan to be held near future. And we need cooperation and coordination of private sector to take further steps. And in these three fairs and trade meeting as well, large number of business community we are expecting here in Pakistan, local and OIC Platform as well. We have trade research institutes interlink with OIC desk, and i wish that Pakistan will also avail this opportunity as well.Haji Qurban Ali Head FPCCI Capital Office Islamabad, Mirza Abdul Rehman Coordinator FPCCI Islamabad office said that FPCCI facilitation desk is always available to provide any services need by OIC Pakistan desk, and ready to work together with OIC permanent Representative/ Ambassador and his team, and we wish you good luck for goals and targets to be achieved with mutual understanding. Business Community always stands with OIC.  We are thankful to you for your time and attention, for interaction with business community of Pakistan. Office bearer of FPCCI added here. We value your words and emotions for Pakistan and it’s development they added.  Mr. Rizwan Saeed Sheikh, permanent ambassador of OIC said that, OIC has to include Pakistan name as Vice President seat in OIC as well. And lots of Islamic countries stand with India as they have lobbied to finish OIC headquarter from Pakistan as well, but not successes till now. And i am hopeful that with cooperation of Pakistani Business Community with Me as OIC Ambassador, we will overcome these type of problems, permanently. When after being facing international hurdles Iran is so much influential and working on ground with OIC, what is the problem with our country Pakistan, why and where we are facing hurdles to compete in such manners, I am hopeful that with mutual understanding FPCCI and OIC (my office) will overcome these problems. And in near future Pakistan have bright future in OIC. He added