Old Muslim League House in Montgomery Bazaar



FAISALABAD, OCT 9 / DNA /  –  One of the eight bazaars of Faisalabad Clock Tower Enter the well-known Sutra Mondi by the clock tower On the right, in the middle of the bazaar, is a dilapidated building Passing in front of which the steps stop. According to historians, the office of the Pakistan Muslim League was established here immediately after the formation of Pakistan And it was considered the center of political and social activity in the region This building is the old Muslim League House But the magnificent building of its time and the center of political activity Occupy groups have begun to look like ghost bungalows.

The old residents of this clock market have tried to find out the historical background of this building. Hafiz Muhammad Amjad, president of Ajman-e-Tajiran Aman Committee, a long-time resident of Bazar, has had an office in the back alley of the building for 30 years.

According to our elders,” he says About a hundred years ago, this building was built by the Sikhs living here as a ware house.Downstairs, guests were fed On the upper floor, according to the custom, dancing and singing were arranged at night. According to him, the building consists of 22 marlas of space In the middle of the large courtyard while the wedding ceremony Rooms built on all sides were used to house the guests.

Upstairs were porches And because of its location in the city center, it had a special significance. After the partition of India when a large number of Sikhs migrated to India Due to its construction and location, the building became a center of political activity And immediately after independence, it was turned into a Muslim League House.

In the 1960s, it was handed over to the municipality, which built a girls’ school here. Due to lack of maintenance and repair of the building It fell into disrepair, which led to an accident here. According to Hafiz Mohammad Amjad, a girl could not manage to run while playing on the upper floor of the building. And he tried to grab the pillar for support, but the pillar was weak and he fell into the street with the girl.

The girl died and the school was moved to another building on the same street. According to him, “the building has been vacant for a long time and has become a hotbed of occupation groups.”Khawaja Razzaq Saka, president of Anjuman-e-Tajiran, a resident of the same bazaar, Told That this building was one of the few beautiful buildings in the city.According to Rana Mohammad Sabir, who trades in the same bazaar, residents are worried about the dilapidated condition of the building.

Because it can fall at any time and cause financial loss.When contacted, Lyallpur Heritage Manager Bazla said the foundation did not have any record of the building’s history. On the other hand, the FDA, the Housing Department and the DC office could not be reached for comment.Assistant Commissioner Syed Ayub Bukhari Told We are collecting data for such old buildings This time will be very quick Perhaps the administration has also bowed to the occupation groups.