Our Baluchistan


Munaza Kazmi

Have anyone of you ever thought about Holiday in Baluchistan? Obviously after reading this you would book the first flight to Baluchistan.

A beauty in itself, a hub of energy and trade corridor, a link to South-Asian countries and a treasure on Earth in terms of Natural Resources, Baluchistan is a must-visit place and an integral part of Pakistan.

Exploring Baluchistan is not just sight-seeing adventure, it is the intense culture, rich tradition, colorful handicrafts, wonderful flavors, delicious food, mesmerizing aromas moreover half of Pakistan is in its name.

Gwadar,located on a natural hammerhead shaped headland in the promising land of Baluchistan. The city is situated on a tapered and sandy 12 kilometers long strip that links Pakistan to rocky outcropping in the Arabian Sea known as Koh-e-Batil or Gwadar Peninsula.

However, Gwadar adores strategic significance for not just tourism but the economic development of Pakistan, reasoning the gateway to CPEC and OBOR. Gwadar’s CPEC routes are based on M8 motorway and Makran coastal highway that connects the province of Baluchistan with the rest.

Places to visit…

Shahi Bazar,that enjoys a rich flamboyant past, as Sultans come to buy and sell into it, till date its alive and inspiring, selling numerous of local handicraft that I bet you would buying in numbers and the aromatic delicious food.

Oman Fort built in the times of Sultanate of Oman probably 16th Century. The promising building is also a museum, housing treasures of the past.

On the South is Koh-i-Batil,at an altitude of 470 feet, where the huge waves come to embrace the land. The Beach promises a flamboyantly calm evening, while sun setting, going into the faraway lands with seagulls making way to home, dramatic!

Discovering further towards the interior of Baluchistan, you need to drive from Gwadar on Makran Coastal Highway, this is one of the meaningful roads of Pakistan, since it connects the port town of Gwadar to the entire province. Moreover, like Karakoram this highway have its own mysterious, dramatic and magical views.

Places to see…

Hingol National Park, Hingol National Park, that is one of the natural wonders of Pakistan, covering the area of 1,650 square kilometers with its rocky terrain, mountain caves, and beautiful beaches, and home to the huge anomalous rock formation known as the ‘ Sphinx of Pakistan’A mythical creature having the body of a lion and the head of a human. The structure boasts enough similarities to remind you of the sphinxes in Egypt. However,on a closer look it appears to be guarding the temple-like structure near it……and “Princess of Hope”standing high on a mountain range running along Makran Coastal Highway, this attractively sculpted object, which is a result of an alleged natural occurring, will leave you spellbound.

An exotic beach about 150 kilometers from Zero-Point on Makran Coastal Highway, KundMaliris scenic and is considered to be one of the most picturesque beaches in this world.

Then comes Ormara an old coastal town. Its historical routes are linked with Alexander the Great, who stayed here with his army for a few days on his way back from the Indus region after conquering Sindh, Punjab, and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa regions in 400 BC. His general, Ormoz, died there, and the present-day city was named after him. It is a spectacular view for tourists. With fun in the waters at day and bonfires and camping at night, it is the most sought-after place to visit.

Moving further we would be heading towards Quetta city district and division of Baluchistan and the 5th largest of Pakistan. The city enjoys rich history dating from 11th Century when Sultan Mahmud Ghaznavi conquered it, and on top it is a love land for all Pakistanis because it’s the region where founder of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, have spent last of his memorable his days. Moreover, the valley is abundant with juniper and pistachio forests and diverse wild life. Also, if anyone is obsessed with horses, it’s the right place to be, as horse breeding is thought to be the passion of locals.

Also, I would suggest you plan a visit to the colorful bazars where you would found yourself in brightest of colors of silk, handmade coppers, precious jewels, luxurious rugs, and mesmerizing perfumes, not less than that of the Arabian Nights.

I would say, it’s hard to describe the Baluchistan without getting carried away.