Pakistan Pavilion Impresses at 30th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair



BEIJING, July 9 (): The Pakistan pavilion emerged as a star attraction at the ongoing 30th China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair, showcasing a stunning array of handicrafts that captivated the hearts and minds of visitors from around the globe. 

The five-day event, which opened on July 6 and runs through July 10, provides a vibrant platform for businesses worldwide to showcase their offerings and forge new partnerships, Gwadar Pro reported on Tuesday.

At the forefront of the Pakistan pavilion stood Kamil Muhammad, a seasoned veteran of the Lanzhou Fair, making his seventh appearance at the prestigious event. 

Kamil’s display of exquisite handicrafts ranges from intricately embroidered carpets to meticulously carved onyx artifacts.

“Participating in the Lanzhou Fair is a golden opportunity for Pakistani businesses to broaden their horizons and tap into new markets,” said Kamil. “We are deeply grateful for this platform and are hopeful for even stronger economic ties with northwest China and beyond in the years to come.”

The Pakistan pavilion, set up amidst the bustling exhibition hall of the Gansu International Convention and Exhibition Center, is a popular attraction among visitors. 

From elaborately stitched textiles to intricately carved wooden artifacts, the products on display not only showcase the artistic talents of Pakistani artisans but also serve as a testament to the country’s rich cultural heritage. 

The five Pakistani enterprises participating in the fair, each specializing in different areas, provided a comprehensive showcase of the country’s craftsmanship and creativity.

Since its inception in 1993, the China Lanzhou Investment and Trade Fair has grown into a major platform for promoting investment, trade and regional economic cooperation in Northwest China. 

This year’s fair boasts more than 1,800 exhibitors showcasing a wide range of products across nearly 30 categories, including non-ferrous metallurgy, new materials, renewable energy, modern agriculture, petrochemicals, electronics, water resources, mineral resources, food processing, cultural tourism, healthcare, biopharmaceuticals and consumer products.

The participation of the Pakistani delegation in the expo underlines the country’s commitment to explore new markets and strengthen economic ties with China and other countries. 

The diverse range of products exhibited by the five Pakistani companies provided a glimpse into the vibrant handicraft industry landscape in the country and its potential for collaboration and partnership.