Waste management strategies needed to protect Deosai’s ecosystem: Romina

ISLAMABAD, Jul 09 (APP):Coordinator to the Prime Minister on Climate Change and Environmental Coordination, Romina Khurshid Alam has underscored the pressing need for robust waste management strategies to safeguard the delicate ecosystem of Deosai National Park.

During a meeting with Ex-Senator and Ambassador (Honorary) Wildlife, Sardar Muhammad Jamal Khan Leghari who called on her on Tuesday, the PM’s Coordinator highlighted the critical issues affecting Deosai National Park, including solid waste generation from visitors, overgrazing by livestock, and inadequate resources for proper park management, a news release said.

She emphasized that the park’s ecosystem is under threat due to the lack of a comprehensive waste management plan.

She urged the concerned authorities to implement a robust waste management strategy to address the challenges facing Deosai National Park.

Alam stressed that a well-planned waste management system would not only protect the park’s biodiversity but also promote sustainable tourism and support the local community.

She suggested banning disposable plastic items in the park and raising awareness among visitors to address this environmental challenge.

Sardar Muhammad Jamal Khan Leghari briefed the Coordinator about his recent visit to Deosai National Park, emphasizing the importance of addressing the issue of Bakkarwaals and their impact on the wildlife and ecosystem of Deosai National Park.

He noted that the park generates substantial income from visitor footfall, with only 25% of the park’s income at the disposal of the Divisional Forest Officer (DFO). To improve the management of the park, the DFO should be given more autonomy to rationalize expenditures and develop a yearly roadmap.

Leghari recommended initiating road maintenance from Chillam to Sadpara Check Post, providing special monthly ration packages per post in Deosai, new uniforms suitable for both summers and winters, increasing the number of staff for the protection of wildlife in Deosai, provision of essential weapons, and POL support for effectively carrying out surveillance and anti-poaching efforts.

He also suggested relocating the Chilam check post near Sheosar Lake and moving the Sadpara check post to Ali Malik Top to improve accessibility and convenience for visitors to Deosai National Park.

Additionally, he recommended installing welcome gates at the entrance of Deosai National Park to enhance the tourist experience.