Pakistan will continue to support the struggle of people of IIOJK: Mushaal


Islamabad: /DNA/ – The Pakistani nation has always and will continue to support the struggle of the people of IIOJK in all circumstances.

YFK-International Kashmir Lobby Group  organized seminar regarding Kashmir Solidarity Day in collaboration with Shaheed Bhutto Foundation and JK-PSF at SZABIST, Islamabad.

Chairperson PCO Mushaal Mullick, while sharing her personal experiences, argued that people in IIOJK are facing brutalities. There is no right to be buried peacefully let alone the right to live. Families are not given even access to the dead bodies of the freedom fighters. Even her husband is facing difficulties as boiled water is used as a means to torture him. So, she advised the youth to do research on the Indian atrocities that are being conducted in IIOJK.

Ex-Minister AJk Ch. Parvez Sharif asserted that no one can bury or debunk the struggle of Indian Occupied Kashmiris. The fundamental right to self-determination was the principle on the basis of which Pakistan started to support the Kashmiris from the beginning, but as a Kashmir Solidarity Day in the 1970s to assert that right to the international community.

Mr Zaman Bajwa, Executive Director YFK, described the difficulties faced by the women in the IIOJK. They are raped irrespective of their age. Girls as young as 12 and women as old as ninety years are not safe. So, there is a humanitarian aspect to the issue that needs to be solved. Kashmir resolution is important as sustainable development is impossible in the region without its resolution.

CEO SBF Asif khan argued that practically Article 370 ended back in the 1970s; recent steps was a last blow to its standing. Currently, the Kashmir issue is in a freeze zone. The purpose of this session is to recognize the need to revitalise the interest in the issue at domestic level. It is important because the resolution of the Kashmir issue would ensure enduring stability at all levels and other speakers include Ms. Rehana Mullick and  Amir Bashir .