Pakistani doctor praises China’s quick response to COVID-19


CHANGSHA , JUNE 22 (DNA) – China’s overall response to COVID-19 pandemic was extraordinary and he felt secured and protected during the crisis period in Changsha, Hunan Province,” said Muhammad Usman Janjua, a Pakistani doctor who works at Changsha Medical University (CSMU).

“My life is now back to normal, except for wearing mask,”  Usman told Gwadar Pro that as China and Pakistan are Iron-brothers, Pakistanis like China and Chinese people. China is a safe country, and it is a significant relief for my parents.

“After I came here, I fell in love with this place. That is why I came back here in 2016 to continue studies. Now I am working here,” said Dr. Usman.

Like many people, Usman’s life was changed by the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 in January 2020.

He recalled that at the beginning of January, everyone was happy as after the exams they would go back home to celebrate the Spring Festival with their families.

He said, “I know every year it is a time of excitement and joy. Nevertheless, under the lockdown, it was such empty outsides. It made me sad. Every day there was news that more and more people were infected with this mysterious virus and deaths were increasing, for which I was heart-broken.”

Usman said, “At that time, I wanted to help. My heart beats with my Chinese brothers. If I can offer my services in Wuhan in this difficult hour, it would be a moment of pride for me and my country – Pakistan.”

Usman told Gwadar Pro that during the years in China, whenever he faced even a minor problem, Chinese friends and colleagues helped him. Chinese people have always splendidly treated him. He has never felt like a foreigner here.

“I am prepared to serve the country which has given me so much respect and love …,” wrote Usman in the application letter as a volunteer in Wuhan, then epicenter of the pandemic to the Foreign Experts Service Office of Science and Technology Department of Hunan Province.

After this, many Chinese people expressed their thanks to him, which moved Usman.

As a doctor, Usman feels that the Chinese government has taken “adequate and powerful” measures at the right time to tackle the virus.

Chinese authorities took early decisions to impose lockdown on affected cities and the Chinese government set-up quarantine centers. Temporary hospitals were established on an urgent basis to treat the patients.

The Chinese people must be appreciated as they followed the rules strictly. Healthcare staff have been working around the clock to help the patients without caring for their safety in this dangerous situation.

Another thing is, at that time when transportation was less, the Chinese government was still able to provide enough food and items of daily usage to the public.

So, overall the response of China to this pandemic was extraordinary and other countries should adopt the same model, twenty-nine year-old Usman who had obtained bachelor’s degree (2007-2012) and master’s degree (2016-2019) added.