Pakistani staff participate in Chinese style-safety system to curb epidemic


ISLAMABAD, JUNE 6 (DNA) –  Eighty-seven Pakistani staff of SK Hydropower Station project participated in a grid management system to ensure the safe project production during the spread of COVID-19.

SK Hydropower Station project is one of the priority projects under CPEC, with a large occupied area in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa.

According Gwadar Pro, considering the severe situation of COVID-19 pandemic, the project adopted a grid management system which separates the whole station area into several apartments so that staff can manage safe production.

Whole SK Hydropower Station occupied area is separated into 40 independent management units, 401 grid cells, and arranged a total of 407 grid managers, including 87 Pakistani staff.

Each grid manager is responsible to take prevention measure of their own grid cell. Therefore such a huge project can be supervised so that whole station remain safe amidst COVID-19 outbreak.

According to Akhbab Sharif, a leader of epidemic prevention who works as a bridge between Chinese staff and Pakistani staff, ever day since grid management system implemented, staff’s temperatures is taken and staff’s physical situations recorded and sorted into archives.

He often teaches both Pakistani and Chinese staff how to prevent epidemic and reminds them washing hands. “China has achieved great success in COVID-19 pandemic control.

“ I believe that as long as our two brothers cooperate, the dawn of success will come soon,” he said.=DNA