PBF says armed forces of the country played pivotal role in the stability of Pakistan



Lahore: Pakistan Businesses Forum (PBF) on Saturday unanimously expressing complete solidarity with Pakistan armed forces and law enforcing agencies, said that entire business community stands united against war on terror and any external threat besides creating business-friendly environment fully ensuring durable security for economic growth across the country.

PBF President Mian Usman Zulfiqar said “We are proud of our armed forces for successfully flushing out terrorists from their hideouts and stamping out the menace of terrorism in the region paving way for complete restoration of peace in the country, a pre-requisite for economic growth and development in the country. PBF Central Vice Presidents Ahmad Jawad, Jahanara Wattoo, Chairman Balochistan Daroo Khan Achakzai, Vice Chairperson Sana Durrani, EC Member Shah Wali , PBF Sindh Chairman Mir Murad Ali Talpur, General Secretary Sindh Mustafa Abdullah Baloch, PBF Punjab Chairman Naseer Malik and other PBF officials were also present on the occasion of the joint statement.

PBF President said that business community expressed their satisfaction on the commitment and determination of the army chief for attaching top priority to security to strengthen the national economy and his guidelines will give impetus to accelerate the pace of economic growth. He said that conspiracies hatched by foreign elements would be fizzled out adding that with the grace of Allah Almighty the country would emerge strongest in the comity of nations. He lauded the services of armed forces personnel who sacrificed their lives while fighting with terrorists. “In the prevailing critical situation, we should stand united as a nation to brave internal and external challenges,” he added.

Vice President Ahmad Jawad greeted the ISPR for successfully organising different short stories of the sacrifices of armed forces and played a tremendous role to cope up the challenges of the hybrid war. Jawad said the sacrifices of armed forces have started yielding a positive impact on national economy and foreign investors once again pouring in different sectors. He said that now the economy is gradually picking up after the restoration of peace and security. He said that political stability without any vibration and peace are pre-requisites for a compatible economy. CPEC, a mega project will also contribute towards accelerating the economic activities not only in Pakistan but also in the region. He said that now it is a high time to ensure business friendly and growth-oriented environment for boosting export and rapid industrialisation to meet the future challenges.

Mean while, Vice President Jahanara Wattoo vowed unity of Pakistanis as one nation, under one flag to protect the dignity and integrity of darling motherland Pakistan and full support to the valiant armed forces of the country. she even stressed the need for taking full benefits of modern hybrid techniques in the agriculture sector with the co-operation of China for a bumper crop and better yield and strengthening of the wealth of livestock besides fully exploiting the potential of tourism especially in hilly areas which can help earn foreign exchange.

PBF Additional Secretary General, Dr Urwa Elahi said that US President Joe Biden should adopt realistic approach towards ground realities in the region and sacrifices of Pakistan for the war on terror and durable peace is not possible in Afghanistan without the participation of Pakistan. She said the US in return should give market access to Pak products to strengthen its national economy which pocketed heavy loss in the wake of terror. She said that the US also promised, “reconstruction of economic zones” in Pakistan which is still awaited.

She also suggested PBF must be taken into confidence before finalisation of economic policies and made part of the process of policy decision making in all sectors.