PM Imran Khan holds video conference with DG WHO



ISLAMABAD, JUL 6 – Prime Minister Imran Khan held a video conference with Director General World Health Organization (WHO) Dr. Tedros Adhanom.

While noting progress made by Pakistan in containing the spread of virus, WHO appreciated the steps taken by the Government of Pakistan in fighting the pandemic.

The Prime Minister appreciated the support extended by WHO  to the international community including Pakistan  to fight COVID-19.The Prime Minister highlighted Pakistan’s strategy of deploying scientific and data driven interventions as well as rapid upgrades of health care facilities,  all while attempting to a maintain a balance between life and livelihood that has yielded positive results with a current downward trajectory in the spread of pandemic.

The Prime Minister observed that travel restrictions imposed by developed countries in the wake of COVID-19 can further exacerbate economic difficulties of developing countries struggling to mitigate adverse economic impact of the pandemic.

He called upon WHO to play its role in engaging member states to remove COVID-19 related travel restrictions for Pakistan and other developing countries and to work towards a data driven system of non discriminatory travel rules.Dr. Tedros Adhanom stated that WHO was working to suggest COVID-19 related travel guidelines to help the international community in making these decisions.