PM says very difficult to control load shedding


Slams PTI for shady LNG deal

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif said Friday it was a “very, very difficult challenge” for the government to control loadshedding as he slammed the PTI for not securing cheap gas.

In his address during a meeting held on loadshedding at the Prime Minister’s Office, PM Shehbaz said it is the government’s responsibility to ensure an end to power outages, but at the same time mentioned that it has refrained from buying expensive gas — used for generating electricity.

Pakistan is facing an escalation of its power crisis after the nation last month failed to strike a deal for natural gas supply for July. Tenders for this month were scrapped on high prices and low participation.

State-owned Pakistan LNG Ltd scrapped a purchase tender for July shipments of liquefied natural gas after it received an offer that would’ve been the most expensive shipment ever delivered to the nation, according to traders with the knowledge of the matter.It was the third time in June that Pakistan failed to complete an LNG tender for July, and the country’s inability to purchase fuel threatened to exacerbate