PML-N leader fears another May 9-like incident may happen in Pakistan

Gen Bajwa urged withdrawal of no-confidence motion against Imran Khan

Malik Ahmad Khan says Rawalpindi commissioner should have shown evidence of rigging if he had any

Abbas Hashmi

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Malik Ahmad Khan on Sunday said that the government should stop Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) before another May 9-like incident happens in the country. 

Malik made these comments just a day after former Rawalpindi commissioner Liaquat Ali Chatha admitted rigging under his watch and resigned from his post. 

On the other hand, PTI and other parties have been staging protests against the alleged rigging in the February 8 polls with the former ruling party claiming that its mandate has been stolen. 

“Another May 9 will happen on Pakistan’s structure. They [PTI] should be stopped or they will cause great damage to the state of Pakistan. There isn’t an incident as horrific as May 9 in my memory,” said Malik, while speaking in a presser in Lahore, flanked by PML-N leaders Azma Bukhari and Attaullah Tarar.

Recalling the incident, the PML-N leader said that the Imran Khan-founded PTI conspired against the state and Pakistan Army, adding that they haven’t learned any lesson from the May 9 incident.

Malik said that a campaign is being run from PTI’s accounts, adding that the propaganda is not being spread without any reason. “This is a continuation of the same conspiracy that we have been seeing before,” he added.

He said that PTI had started another “scary” campaign by uploading pictures of various DROs and their children on social media. “These people are not stopping their anarchic behaviour at all,” he claimed.

“They are [now] threatening government employees,” the PML-N leader said while calling on the caretaker prime minister and Punjab chief minister to play their role in this regard.

“This is a repetition of the May 9 [riots],” he warned.

Claiming that the pictures of the families of the district returning officers (DROs) are being used to fuel hatred, the politico called on Chatha to bring forward relevant evidence to support his allegations.

“This is a May 9 part two and a plan to create chaos in the country,” he added.

Speaking about the elections and allegations levelled by the PTI, Malik said that the PTI has a history of not accepting its defeat.

The politician further said that the former Rawalpindi commissioner has nothing to do with the electoral process and the election results.

“The commissioner is neither a DRO (district returning officer) nor he holds any position in the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),” said Malik, adding that the DRO and returning officer (RO) are under ECP.

Malik said that the commissioner would have shown evidence if he had any. “He spoke without evidence.”