RDA gears up operation against illegal housing schemes


            RAWALPINDI, Feb 18 (APP):Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) on the directives of the Director General, Muhammad Saif Anwar Jappa has geared up its ongoing operation against illegal housing schemes.

According to RDA spokesman, the Metropolitan Planning and Traffic Engineering (MP&TE) Directorate of RDA had issued notices to Malik Tassawar, Zakir, Malik Riyasat, Asim Aziz, Sheikh Maisam, Idress Awan, Master Zaheer, Syed Samar Shah, Ch Aslam Bani, Qazi Naveed, Haji Abrar, Ch. Hameed, Malik Aslam, Malik Ibrar, Khurram Qayum, Ch. Abid, Raja Tahir, Ch. Yasir, Mr. Kosar, Badar, Anjum Kiyani and Tahir Madni, the owners of two private illegal housing schemes and 11 illegal subdivisions of the land namely Ittehad Town at Mouza Harnal on Mandra Chakwal Road Gujar Khan, Aziz Builders & Developers Pvt. Ltd at Mouza Jarary on Jorian to Gahi Syedan Road Rawalpindi, Land Subdivision at Mouza Kallar Budhal Tehsil Kallar Syedan, Land Subdivision at Mouza Mankiyala Stupa Road, Land Subdivision Nazimabad at Mouza Louni Kallar Bypass Road Kallar Syedan, Land Subdivision at Mouza Louni Tehsil Kallar Syedan and Land Subdivision at Mouza Kallar Budhal Tehsil Kallar Syedan, Land Subdivision at Mouza Bagga Sheikhan, Land Subdivision at Mouza Chak Bhatta, Dhamial and Bishandot, Land Subdivision at Mouza Khabal and Sukhoo, Land Subdivision at Mouza Mera Sangal and two more Land Subdivisions at Mouza Khabal and Sukhoo.

He said the DG had also directed the Director MP&TE that action should be taken against illegal advertisements and marketing and First Information Report should also be lodged against the owners of illegal housing schemes.

Moreover, the sponsors of illegal housing schemes were directed to immediately stop the marketing of their unapproved and illegal housing schemes and contact RDA for getting NOC/approval of the scheme as per law, otherwise, strict legal action would be taken against the rules violators, he added.

The citizens had also been requested not to invest in illegal and unauthorized housing schemes, he said adding, they were advised to check status of the housing projects on RDA official website www.rda.gop.pk.

He said that the owners and sponsors of illegal housing schemes were misleading the public through illegal advertisements.

In this regard, the Planning Wing RDA had also requested the Cyber Crime Wing, FIA to take legal action against the illegal and misleading advertisements of illegal housing schemes, he informed.

RDA has also issued notice to a marketing company, M/s Reliable Marketing for an advertising campaign of nine illegal housing projects.

The spokesman further informed that the MP&TE Directorate RDA issued notice to a marketing company namely M/s Reliable Marketing and directed them to stop advertising campaign of nine unapproved and illegal housing schemes namely New Metro City, Al-Muqeet City, Mega City, Al-Imran Homes, Al-Imran Garden, Prism City, Sarwar Shaheed Garden, Khan Village Housing Society and Faisal Town Phase-II.

He said the DG had directed the authorities concerned to take action as per law against advertising campaigns of illegal housing societies. Unless a housing project gets a No Objection Certificate from RDA, it cannot be declared an approved or legal project, he said adding, but, the marketing company was misleading the citizens.

The marketing/projection of such projects gives the impression that they are already approved and legal. The marketing company has been warned to immediately stop advertisements of the illegal project.