President Alvi terms incidents of audio leaks as ‘worrisome trend’


ISLAMABAD, SEP 26: President Dr Arif Alvi on Monday has termed the incidences of audio leaks as a worrisome trend. Talking to Karachi-based journalists at Governor House in Karachi on Monday, he said that leaking private conversations fell within the category of “backbiting”, which needed to be discouraged.

He said that the privacy of every person was a trust which should be upheld, and leaking private conversations or comments and spreading fake news is unethical as it gives rise to fear and anxiety in society.

He said that politicians should play their role in making the nation intellectually strong. He said that intellectual strength could make our country strong in a minimum time period rather than the brick and mortal model.

He said that the world had made important innovations and progress in Cyber Security which has become an important discipline for the safety and security of any nation. He emphasized that Pakistan needed to take decisive and committed initiatives to adopt cyber security technology to lay down the foundation of stability and progress.