President of Uzbekistan signs a decree to increase the size of pensions and benefits


Tashkent, Uzbekistan — President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree to increase the size of pensions and benefits. According to the decree, Uzbekistan plans to increase pensions and benefits by 10% from 1 September.

The basic amount of the pension calculation from 1 September will be 262,470 soums per month, the minimum old-age pension – 513,350 soums per month, benefits for disabled people from childhood – 513,350 soums (466,680 soums).

The minimum allowance for the elderly and disabled citizens who do not have the required work experience will be 315,030 soums per month.

The head of Uzbekistan instructed to double the number of recipients of benefits for families with children under 14 years old – from 345 thousand to 700 thousand, recipients of benefits for childcare up to 2 years old – by 20% from 333 thousand to 400 thousand and recipients of material assistance – by 13% from 89 thousand to 100 thousand

In accordance with the decree, the payment deadlines are automatically extended by six months, which end in July-September. Addressees are not required to reapply for child care benefits and other documents.