President RCCI for giving special incentives to overseas Pakistanis to increase remittances


Rawalpindi, SEP 27 /DNA/ – The Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI) President Nadeem Rauf and Group Leader Sohail Altaf have said that it is hoped that the expected Finance Minister Ishaq Dar will take immediate steps to deal with the current economic situation and problems, and will immediately announced an industrial package for economic recovery. He said that special packages and incentives should be given to overseas Pakistanis so that remittances can be increased and budget support can be provided.

Speaking on the occasion of the 62nd Annual General Meeting of Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, President Nadeem Rauf and Group Leader Sohail Altaf said that the business community is concerned about the country’s economic situation.

Economic activities are at a standstill, measures should be taken to revive the construction industry, he said.

The dollar has depreciated in the last two days, and it is hoped that the exchange rate will be controlled. And the rupee will be stabilized at its real value.

The recent drop in the dollar has sent a positive message to the market and the stock market has also seen a boom, the business community hopes Ishaq Dar will bring the country out of the economic crisis.

Sohail Altaf said that importers and exporters are suffering from severe problems due to fluctuations in the dollar rate, economic activities have stopped due to the falling rupee.  The Letter of Credits (LCs) are not being opened. We demand that the LCs be opened immediately.

In the meeting, the newly elected officials Saqib Rafiq President, Hamza Sarosh Senior Vice President and Faisal Shahzad Vice President were officially announced. The newly elected office bearers  will officially assume charge from October 1.