Propaganda against Army by politicians condemnable 


ISLAMABAD, NOV 2 /DNA/ – Special Advisor to Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Syed Jawad Ali Shah on Wednesday said the country’s economic conditions are alarming, floods have wiped agriculture sector and national united is required to cope with the challenges.

At this critical juncture, some failed politicians are engaged in defamation of the Pak Army, its leadership, and spy agencies, he said.

These politicians are not our leaders but enemies of the state which should be dealt with an iron hand, he added.

Jawad Ali Shah said that the Pakistan Army is savior of the nation, while the intelligence agencies are not only saving the country in difficult situations but their personnel are also sacrificing their lives to protect the country.

But, some failed politicians are constantly spewing venom against the Pakistan Army and its leadership and making sensitive professional issues controversial, which is reprehensible, he added.

Jawad Ali Shah said that Pakistan Army is bravely fighting the war against terrorism, officers and soldiers are sacrificing their lives in this war, and in such a situation a political party is spreading lies to divide the nation.

He said that a former prime minister ruined the economy on external agenda during his regime and now he is making the institutions and their command controversial to quench his lust for power.

A frustrated political party wants to make Pakistan a failed state like Sri Lanka by influencing the process of economic recovery and this evil conspiracy needs to be foiled.

These politicians should be declared national criminals and should be dealt with according to the constitution and law.

No individual can be made in charge of all the affairs of the country and those who think so are living in a fool’s paradise. The government should take strict action and thwart the evil agenda of weakening Pakistan, he demanded.