PTI calls NA Speaker, Deputy without allocation of reserved seats unconstitutional


Vows PTI to hold protest across country against mega polls heist today

ISLAMABAD, MAR 1 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Spokesperson termed the election of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Prime Minister from the fake incomplete National Assembly without the allocation of the reserved seats for women and minorities as unconstitutional.

Reacting over the election of the NA Speaker and Deputy Speaker sans allocation of the reserved seats, PTI Spokesperson stated that the speaker and deputy speaker elected with the help of the mandate thieves would not have any constitutional status.

He said that the constitution was trampled under their feet one again by electing NA speaker from a fake incomplete National Assembly, as they reached the house fraudulently after stealing public mandate.

PTI Spokesperson categorically stated that according to Article 51 of the Constitution, the House cannot be completed without the allocation of the reserved seats for women and minorities as per the proportion to the representation of each political party in the National Assembly.

He recalled that a total of 23 PTI backed members were being deprived of their constitutional right of the reserved seats under a nefarious scheme; however, PTI Spokesperson that the nation would not succeed any such malicious plot come what may.

He went on to say that the group of mandate thieves unlawfully occupying the august house was cognizant of the fact that the allotment of PTI backed candidates’ reserved seats as per the constitution would turn their artificial victory into defeat.

PTI Spokesperson pointed out that those who took fake oath after stealing public mandate knew that they did not reach the house with the power of the public vote but through criminal facilitation of the corrupt and biased Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP).

He noted that the people of Pakistan had given a clear mandate to PTI Chairman-for-life Imran Khan and elected 186 PTI-affiliated members as their representatives; however the majority was converted into minority through daylight polls robbery.

PTI Spokesperson emphasized that the election of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Prime Minister would only be considered as constitutional and legal when all the truly public elected representatives were present in the lower house.

He called upon that the continued insult of the clear verdict of the people of Pakistan should be abandoned and reserved seats should be provided to the party as per the set pattern prescribed in the constitution.

PTI Spokesperson vowed that the people of Pakistan would hold a peaceful protest across the country today (Saturday) against the large scale polls robbery on the directives of the unlawfully incarcerated country’s beloved leader Imran Khan in order to get the stolen public mandate back.