PTI demands accountability of economic team including Dar for ruining economy 


Gang of criminals tumbles rupee to all-time low but feel no shame: Hammad 

ISLAMABAD, MAY 22 /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) General Secretary Hammad Azhar said that gang of criminals imposed on the nation ruined the fast thriving economy of the country, demanding strict accountability of the economic team including the finance minister Ishaq Dar in this regard.

In a statement on Monday, Hammad Azhar lashed out at the cable of crooks for depreciation of the rupee and destruction of the economy.

He said that Darnomics made the rupee practically useless, adding that even though rupee devalued at a record level, reaching at Rs. 308 against dollar, there was no sign of shame in the government ranks.

Hammad Azhar said that the puppets focused all attentions on promoting lawlessness in the country and crushing PTI.

He stated that the shameful combination of brutality and incompetence brought the country’s economy to the point of no return.

PTI leader went on to say that the gang of criminals failed to reach any viable deal with IMF during the last the last nine months, adding that the imported government and the finance minister were yet to tell the nation about the status of the IMF program.

He raised a question that if the imported government failed to strike a deal with IMF, what was the alternative plan for the government to avoid the looming default.

Hammad said that the nation wanted an answer to this important question from this gang of thieves.

He stated that the system market and money market were totally in deep fear. 

Hammad Azhar revealed that the imported government closed all the welfare schemes including health card and preparation was underway to pour in all the money into the election campaign of the failed political group.

He said that preparation of budget by these criminals would be a recipe of formal murder of the economy, advising that instead of setting records of brutality and fascism, the state should worry about saving the economy from these criminals.

Hammad Azhar suggested that the only way out of the political chaos, internal instability and economic meltdown was to hold free, fair and transparent elections sans any further delay.