PTI welcomes SC’s verdict restoring graft cases against corrupt mafia


Urges NAB to play constitutional role, recover billions looted money

Says SC landmark judgment validate PTI, Imran Khan’s stance

ISLAMABAD: /DNA/ – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) spokesperson has welcomed the Supreme Court’s (SC) historic decision invalidating the unconstitutional NAB amendments under which billions of graft cases against big corrupt public office holders have been restored, who dry-cleaned themselves under NRO-2 after being imposed on the nation through regime change conspiracy.

In his reaction to the SC three-member bench’s historic verdict, PTI spokesperson said that the apex court’s decision on the petition of the Chairman PTI Imran Khan has restored the supremacy of the constitution.

“The decision of the top court is not the victory of PTI Chairman, but it’s the victory of truth and justice,” he said, adding that PTI is fully support and endorse the landmark judgment of the country’s highest court.

PTI spokesperson said that billions rupees of theft and robbery of the PDM clique of crooks were waived off through these unconstitutional and controversial amendments in the accountability watchdog and allowed the loot and plunder of the national treasury afresh.

He went on to say that the SC’s ruling testified the fact that the NAB amendments were in conflict with the Constitution and fundamental human rights.

PTI spokesperson said that as soon as the PDM seized the power through conspiracy, they exploited NAB to the fullest and used the institution for their vested political mileage and reduced the accountability bureau to a puppet institution.

He recalled that those who looted and plundered the national treasure ruthlessly were got themselves dry-cleaned by securing NRO-2 after ousting PTI’s well performing government through regime conspiracy.

PTI spokesperson said that after giving relief to looters like Shehbaz Sharif, Hamza Shehbaz, Maryam Nawaz, Ishaq Dar and Asif Ali Zardari, a fugitive was given assurance to be imported from London, adding that SC threw the self-proclaimed NRO-2 into the trash, which was given to the gang of criminals.

He insisted that the top court made it clear that only the Pakistani people have the right on the looted national wealth of Sharif and Zardari mafias. PTI spokesperson stated that in the light of the apex court’s ruling, the criminals involved in loot and plunder of billions of rupees would be held accountable.

He demanded that those who fled the country after securing NRO-2 should be brought back immediately and they should be made answerable for their massive corruption.

PTI spokesperson urged that the NAB should play its due constitutional role and start afresh investigation on the restored references and all the facts and details of those who steal the nation’s money and build properties abroad should be brought before the nation.

He stated that the stance of PTI and its chairman Imran Khan proved right with the historic decision of the apex court.