Torkhan reopens amid trade uncertainty, stirring concern in business circles

Torkhan reopens amid trade uncertainty, stirring concern in business circles

Shamim Shahid 

PESHAWAR, SEPT 15 /DNA/ – People from trade and business sector from both the neighbouring countries have jubilated opening of most important, and internationally declared most busy crossing point Torkham after closure for nine days on Friday morning. 

The border opening materialised in a high level meeting held at Kabul of Thursday. After the meeting if Pakistani ambassador with Taliban officials, announcement made regarding opening of Torkham late Thursday night. Soon after opening of gate, the stranded people and goods trucks proceeded towards their final destinations.

 Though the affectees from both sides have jubilate reopening of Torkham but people from trade abs business circles are still on fears as high ups from both sides are engaged in war of words. Office holders from trade and business circles and tribal elders time and again suggesting high ups from both sides to enter into an era of trust abs confidence in each others.

 Torkham border, internationally declared most busy crossing point, was closed on September 6 last in the wake of encounter between security personnel from both sides. As a result of border closure thousands of people travelling between the two countries stranded on both sides of border whereas it caused around three million US dollars losses to traders, importers and exporters. Closure of Torkham also caused hardships to hundreds of patients from Afghanistan  and business of private hospitals in Peshawar as well. 

In connection with reopening of Pak Afghan border besides known Afghan businessman Khan Jan Alkozai also reached in Pakistan couple of days back. Talking to this Correspondent, Alkozai said, ” I met and talked to a number of high ranking Pakistani officials and office holders of trade and business groups and convinced them I’m reopening of the border. In this respect he thanked the Pakistani officials and office holders of trade and business groups.

Khan Jan Alkozai has pointed out wide range trade and business opportunities for Pakistan in Central Asian region through Afghanistan and said, ” it is the time for Pakistan to exploite the opportunities.” He viewed that Pakistan and Afghanistan could easily compensate previous losses and setbacks by entering into trust worthy trade relations with each others.

Noted tribal elder Malik Darya Khan Zakhakhel while weeing reopening of Torkham border suggested high ups from both the countries to frame a mechanism which should ensure smooth processes of bilateral trade and travelling of pedestrians. He conceded that there exists certain issues between the two countries but these issues wouldn’t be made hurdles in bilateral trade and relations. All such issues could easily be resolved through political and traditional means, he added.

Zia Ul Haq Sarhadi Director Pakistan Afghanistan Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry who is always engaged in efforts for strengthening of bilateral trade between the two neighbouring countries said, ” trade procedure ar Torkham and other crossing points with Afghanistan must be ensure like Wahga with India. He said that instead of over dozen departments and institutes only District Administration of Khyber may be authorised for handling all sort of affairs at Torkham. He was of the firm belief that civil administration could easily handle the procedures in Torkhem.