Pushtoon Quami Jirga voiced for peace, end to every sort of terrorism extremism in the region 


Shamim Shahid 

PESHAWAR, AUG 16 /DNA/ – Politicians, representing different political forces gave unanimously raised voices for return of peace and an end to every sort of terrorism and extremism in the region, specially the areas dominated by Pushtoons connecting Pakistan and Afghanistan with each others. In particular, the politicians along with representatives of civil society organisations and parents of Peshawar Army Public School have shown sever resentment over secret dialogues with banned Tehrik Taliban Pakistan and demanded taking in confidence the real stake holders into confidence in any peace deal to be made with the militants.

The politicians, representing different political parties, volunteers and office holders of civil society organisations and two mothers of APS children have made these demands while addressing in Pushtoons Quami Aman Jirga on Tuesday. The jirga held under the auspices of Awami National Awami Party at Bacha Khan Markaz was chaired by Aimal Wali Khan and addressed besides others by PML( N) provincial chief and advisor to Prime Minister, Jamaat Islami Parliamentary leader  in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Assembly Inayat Ullah Khan, Quami Watan Party’s Hasham Babar, National Party’s Dr Sarfaraz, Pakistan Mazoor Kissan Party’s Shakeel Waheed Ullah Khan, National Democratic Movement’s Abdullah Nangyal, Sardar Hussaun Babak, Pushtoon Tahafuz Tehrik’s Manzoor Pashteen, Mrs Durrani and Shahana Ajun Khan. 

Almost speakers have expressed sever concerns over continue terror and violent acts in the country especially in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Despite authorities concerned  claims, terrorists and extremists are present and active throughout the region. The terror and violent acts not only causing lives to innocent people but it has Akzo badly affected socio-politico and economic sectors in the region. The speakers in thus respect diverted attentions towards alarming  situation of economic disorder, poverty and unployment. They alleged that through one or the other ways, relations with neighbouring Afghanistan are being made worst, thus badly affecting bilateral trade between the two neighbouring countries. The speakers time and again insisted on making smooth and friendly relations with Afghanistan which may be helpful in resumption of trade and business activities in the whole region.

Referring to latest situation of Swat and Waziristan region wheres the militants associates with banned TTP are active and causing panic amongst local people, the speakers have denounced the government fir its inactive role. Even the speakers even said that the government is playing role of silent spectator in heals and deals brokered between the security organs and banned TTP through Afghan Taliban. While if deals with banned militants should be made public    before giving final touches.

Through 11-points  declaration, the Pushtoon Quami Aman Jirga while expressing reservations over secret talks with banned TTP, asked government to revisit state policies and keep in mind the supremacy of parliament and constitution in this respect. Every sort of deals and heals with banned militant group may be made with consent of parliament. In particular, the jirga demanded taking into confidence the terror affected families including parents of APS victims.

The jirga has made it clear that it wouldn’t tolerate continuation of terrorism and extremism on the soil of Pushtoons who suffered a lot in last four decades.in this respect while denouncing the strategic depth policies has made it clear that they would never allow keeping Taliban as strategic assets any more. The Pushtoons are no more ready to let their soil surrender to Taliban even for a single day. Signing any sort of agreement with Taliban will be meant winding off of social contract- constitution of Pakistan it observed. The Jirga has also denounced Harnayee Baluchistan firing incident which caused lives to several civilians including an active stalwart of ANP and expressed solidarity with the protesters.