Putting each other behind bars won’t fix economy, says Shahid Khaqan Abbasi


KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Sunday said that putting each other behind bars won’t fix country’s tanking economy.

“Pakistan’s economic situation can’t be improved by putting each other behind the bars,” Khaqan said during a press conference in Karachi. He suggested forming a commission to identify elements responsible for economic deterioration.

The former premier regretted that the political system no longer had the competence to solve the country’s issues. He said that he had no idea about the crisis Pakistan’s economy was facing until PML-N took power.

“All of us are responsible for finding the solution to the issues of the country as we belong to different political parties,” he added.

The former premier said that there was “interference of establishment” in politics which created instability in a democratic system.

Moreover, the PML-N leader reiterated that all was well between him and the party and country’s interest was their priority.

Criticising the country’s anti-graft watchdog, Abbasi said that the governments don’t last due to the presence of the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

How many politicians did NAB hold accountable, he asked.

“The institutions are not working within their constitutional limits,” Abbasi said.

While speaking about Friday’s attack on Karachi Police Office, the former premier said that the country had faced such unfortunate incidents and challenges earlier as well.

He said that these challenges had to be countered now as well.

Abbasi challenges NAB ‘either to acquit or convict us’

Abbasi said that the PML-N had been facing the cases and he doesn’t want to end the cases against him.

“I challenge NAB to hold hearings on a daily basis and either acquit us or convict us,” he said.

The politician said the accountability agency asked him every type of question but not whether he pays taxes or not.

“If [anyone] wants to do the accountability then the tax system itself clears the situation,” Abbasi added.

‘Terrorism rearing head’: Khokhar

Meanwhile, former senator and Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) member Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar who accompanied Khaqan on the occasion, said that “terrorism is rearing its head, which is the failure of political parties.”

He said that all parties conference couldn’t be held on the audacious suicide attack on the police lines mosque in Peshawar.

“Is there any single institution in the country that can fulfil its constitutional responsibility,” he asked. He added that it was high time that they discuss the issues together.