Sanjrani favours Tayyip Erdogan for Nobel Peace Prize


ISLAMABAD, JAN 04 (DNA) — Chairman Senate Sadiq Sanjrani through a letter has officially registered the nomination in favour of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for the “Nobel Peace Prize”.

In a letter addressed to the Norwegian Nobel Committee on Wednesday Chairman Senate has favours Turkish President for his efforts to resolve the Ukrainian crisis, said a press release issued.

Chairman Senate said that Russia-Ukraine war had quickly turned into a nuclear flashpoint that could have ended in catastrophe for the whole world.  Due to his untiring efforts, timely and effective interventions with both sides, Tayyip Erdogan single-handedly averted a global disaster, he said.

He further added that President Erdogan is a true statesman and leader, who always strives for the betterment and prosperity of not just his country, but the region and the world in general.

Chairman Senate underlined that Turkish President carries the true message of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) and his teachings of peace, tolerance and love for all humanity, as he continues to dispel the myths and misconceptions related to Islamic teachings.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee is tasked with the responsibility in assessing and deciding upon giving out one of the most prestigious and illustrious awards.  As envisioned by the late Alfred Bernhard Nobel in his will, the Nobel Peace Prize is given out to people who have taken exceptional action to resolve looming or ongoing conflicts towards peace. = DNA