Second coronavirus wave: Which countries have had to reimpose a lockdown?


As countries eased restrictions to kick start their economies, nine months after the coronavirus outbreak was first reported in China, there was still one fear on everyone’s minds: will the virus resurface?

The World Health Organisation has described the COVID-19 pandemic as “one big wave” which will go up and down. The best way to control the virus, a WHO official added, was to flatten it.

Still, people let their guards down to return to routine and the effects of that complacency are now being felt in many countries.

This week, as the positivity rate spiked in Pakistan, hitting 3%, the government decided to reimpose restrictive measures across major cities in the country.

Other countries, such as Spain and the United Kingdom, are also reordering stringent measures as new cases rise. But some are going even further to impose a second lockdown.

Here is a list of countries and territories across the world which have announced a nationwide lockdown, again:


Starting this week, France from tonight will undergo a second lockdown to try to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, French President Emmanuel Macron told the nation.

The new measures will continue till December 1 and will restrict people to their homes, unless they need to move for essential travel such as to seek medical care.


Back in September, Israel became the first country to reimpose a second lockdown when new infections rose to 4,000 a day.


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has announced a month-long lockdown in the country, which will include shutting down restaurants, gyms and theatres starting this week.

Wales and Northern Ireland

The territories will see a second stringent lockdown this week. In Northern Ireland, under the new rules, people will not be allowed to travel more than five kilometres from their home.

While in Wales, non-essential retail, leisure, hospitality and tourism businesses will close for two weeks.


In a bid to control the surging number of cases, Netherlands has also announced a four-week partial lockdown, as new cases rose to 10,000 per day.