Security forces kill 12 TTP terrorists in intelligence based operation in Lakki Marwat



RAWALPINDI, Security forces have killed 12 terrorists of TTP during an intelligence-based operation in Lakki Marwat.

According to the ISPR, terrorists’ movement and activities were being watched by the intelligence agencies over the last one week. The terrorists were lured in by providing a vehicle for escape that was intercepted and neutralised.

Weapons, ammunition and Afghan currency was also recovered from the terrorists during the operation.

The Security Forces are carrying out clearance operation in the aera.

The locals have appreciated the operation and lauded the efforts of Pakistan Army in eliminating terrorism.

The identification process of the terrorists is underway.

According to police the terrorists were going to Tank for conducting terror act.

The killed terrorists had martyred 6 police personnel in December 2022. The terrorists were affiliated with TTP Azhar ud Din group. The terrorists used rocket launchers during the operation.  However security personnel remained safe.

Terrorist Hassan alias Zarar from TTP Tipu  group was also among those killed in the operation.