Security of Investors Top Priority: Deputy PM

Security of Investors Top Priority: Deputy PM

KABUL: DEC 22: The Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate said that ensuring the security of investors in the country was the top priority of the caretaker government.

In his meeting with investors, Abdul Salaam Hanafi asked Afghan investors to shift their investments to Afghanistan from other countries, adding that the Islamic Emirate is considering tax exemptions, customs exemptions, and the provision of land in industrial parks for the investors.

“Afghanistan is a better place for investment, the Islamic Emirate has been providing facilities for all investors, particularly those who have recently returned to the country,” said Zabiullah Mujahid, spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate.

The spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate said improved programs have been planned for newly returned investors in the country which include the provision of land in industrial parks and facilities in receiving business licenses.

In the meantime, businesspeople said the tax exemption is positive in attracting more investments in the country.

“The tax exemption for those who return to the country is a good hope and will attract businesspeople to invest in Afghanistan,” said Omid Haidari, a businessman.

“The investment should be in the agrarian sector so that we have a standard and mechanized agriculture in the country. This will also enable us to pack our agricultural crops well to be accepted for the exporting countries,” said Akhtar Muhammad Ahmadi, another businessman.

Economic analysts are of the view that good economic steps have been taken in the past two years and more investment has been attracted in Afghanistan’s infrastructure.

“If foreign aid is flown to Afghanistan, the requested 3 to 4 billion dollars are given to the country, Afghanistan’s economic growth will increase because this will lead to investment immunity in infrastructure,” said Sayed Masoud, an economist.

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate announced facilities for the Afghan investors who had newly being returned to Afghanistan.